Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Peace

Just had to show you the necklace I bought yesterday. I saw it a few weeks back and just had to have it. I still love everything with Peace signs on it. 
 peace necklace £4.50 claire's accesories
 my most lusted after/searched for/life completed black blouse
Finally, finally, finally found the black blouse I have been searching for forever! Good old Primark in the end. I actually have this blouse in all the other colours I've been able to find in the past six months (red, electric blue, navy blue, purple, ivory). These are just amazing to wear. I have searched high and low for a black blouse and although there are lots out there, I'm really fussy. Quite tempted to buy a second as I bet this will get loads of wear!  
 pretty sunday 
It's the 20th November today and look at the weather! Clear blue skies and sunshine. This time last year I was snowed under permanently for weeks. Usually snow only lasts a day or two and then goes slushy and horrible. Last year it stayed frozen and perfect for weeks. It has got cold in recent days which I can't say I'm enjoying. I love wrapping up but can never layer up enough not to feel the cold. Had a great night out last night. Got id'd for my JD & coke haha. Really doesn't bother me at all. Quite flattered at 23 to still get it! Didn't enjoy walking halfway across my town to get the bus home. I had my snood, gloves and panda hat on and was still frozen within 10 minutes. And after all my food and laughter I had such belly pains! Plus it was so foggy last night, winter is definitely settling in for the long haul. 
 one of my kittens, Ronnie, enjoying our patio 
posing in the archway
Would have included my girl kitten, Dixie, but she was off having an adventure in someone else's garden. 

Hope you're all tucked up on your Sunday, taking it easy. Couldn't find anything to watch in bed this morning. Been forcing myself to stay in bed on my days off for a little while after I wake up. Been feeling really stressed at work lately and trying to not rush around on my days off. Was about to put a dvd on when I stumbled upon a channel showing episodes of The OC. Seriously that was and still is the only tv show I have ever watched every single episode of, numerous times, and own all of the boxsets. I was the biggest fan (helped by the beautiful Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody). 
Any other OC fans out there, give me a shout! 
Love Em x

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  1. That necklace and shirt combination is adorable!


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