Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tag | A-Z Of Me

The lovely Shannon of RaspberryKiss did this and tagged everyone, so here is mine :)

Age: 24

Bed size: Double 

Chore that you hate: Emptying the cat litter tray 

Dogs: None, although I do quite one but I'm more a cat person.

Essential start to your day: Fruit juice 

Favourite colour:  Pink, purple, turquoise, silver, navy, any blue...

Gold or Silver: Both, silver probably suits my pale skin and dark hair more 

Height: 5ft5" (I think!)

Instruments you play: None :( 

Job title:  All rounder ;) 

Kids: None, but I would like them one day 

Live: Quaint little town in Suffolk

Mother’s name: Debbie

Nicknames: Em, Babs, Sis, Dolly, Tallulah Belle

Overnight hospital stays:  When I was born :)

Pet peeves: Noisy eaters, slurpy drinkers, gulpy drinkers, no manners, pushy people, people who walk slow, people who take up the entire aisle/pavement/street! 

Quote from a movie: "Ohana means family. Family means no-one gets left behind or forgotten" Lilo & Stitch. This quote means so very much to me. I grew up with Disney and my littlest brother loved Stitch so Lilo and Stitch was regularly playing. This line is so iconic to me, it stuck in my head and in the past year its been a quote I've reminded myself of probably daily, as my family stuck together and helped each other through the hardest of times imaginable. 

Right or left handed: Right 

Stores you love:  Primark, Boots, New Look, Matalan, Topshop, Disney Store, little vintage and craft shops. 

Time you wake up: 6:35 for work and about 9:30 on my days off 

Underwear: I have a weakness for polka dots. Rarely match my underwear, unless my boyfriend picks it. 

Vegetable you hate: None, I love vegetables!!

What makes you run late: Taking too long to get ready for work, have an hour in the morning before I have to leave the house, and some days its a mad dash to leave!

X-Rays you’ve had: Just my teeth 

Yummy food that you make: I'm good at roasts, casseroles, roasted veggies and cake decorating

Zoo animal: Tigers, Penguins and Lions. Dying to go to Edinburgh to see the Pandas!

So that's me, in an A-Z nutshell. I tag everyone who wants to do it :)

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