Friday, 5 October 2012

Models Own Goodies

I was beyond eager for the Models Own half price sale code to be released once they reached 100,000 likes on Facebook. The day the sale started I couldn't wait to get home. I filled my basket with almost all of my list, but got distracted and when I went to buy later, my basket was empty and some items had gone out of stock. I still got the majority of my list and wished the postman to hurry. My order arrived on Wednesday and my boyfriend opened it, knowing how excited I was to see it all. I'd actually forgotten which ones I'd got so I was thrilled at some as I seemed to think they were out of stock.
 4 Way Nail Buffer £1.50 (sale price) 

I bought a nail kit years ago with four files in that all did the equivalent of this. They're all run down now and I've never seen anything quite as similar. I'll see how this compares (the boyfriend tested it as I was uploading my pictures and said his nail felt great from it!) 
 Retractable Lip Brush £2 (sale price) 

I'm intrigued by the idea of lip brushes. They are claimed to make your lipstick last longer and possibly apply better. I bought a No7 one ages ago but never used it as it doesn't have a lid and I hate mess. I'll see how this works and if its any better than applying the lipstick by the bullet. 
 True Blue, Toxic Apple, Red Alert £2.50 each (sale price) 

True Blue - no other reason then I love blues and this seemed a very clean bright blue. 
Toxic Apple - I ummed and ahhed over this, its a very in your face, statement shade and I really want the American Apparel Neon green but unable to get one I figured this can be the alternative. 
Red Alert - I don't own a red and although its not a colour I'd choose to wear, with Christmas coming up and reasoning (with myself) it could be great for hen nights and with leopard print ;) 
 Purple Imperial, Magenta Divine, Pink Punch £2.50 (sale price) 

Purple Imperial - this is a shimmery purple that I wanted to wear under Disco Mix but its so nice and bright I will probably wear it on its own. I don't usually like pearl finish colours. 
Magenta Divine - I want to own every glitter polish Models Own have released and I'm almost there. Just debating Pink Fizz. 
Pink Punch - I've been lusting after bright pinks lately and I don't have any pink Models Own polishes. I also wanted Bubblegum, Sophie's Pink and Pastel Pink but they'd had sold out. This is a beautiful bright, almost neon pink. 
 Lemon Meringue, Utopia, Champagne £2.50 (sale price) 

Lemon Meringue - I've been after this colour for ages, its a lovely soft pale yellow and will look so sweet in the summer on its own or with other pastel shades. 
Utopia - I originally discarded this shade as boring, but after seeing it on blogs I changed my mind. Its still very plain for me but I plan to use it with transfers and glitter on top so I doubt I'll wear it alone. 
Champagne - I never used to like shimmery/pearly colours but this caught my eye. I thought it would be perfect for party nails that you want to be subtle but eye catching. 

Models Own soon announced their new collection Wonderland would be released soon. I knew it would be a white/crystal/glitter/shimmer theme and I wasn't wrong. I was waiting for the bus into town this afternoon when they appeared on my Facebook timeline saying the collection was out in Boots today. I obviously had to go and look in mine and low and behold they were out! I spent ages, looking, comparing, trying to choose. They are on 3 for 2 as well so absolute bargain!!! My Boots also had Mirrorball which I've resisted as I wanted to get Advantage Card points purchasing them as every year I use my points to buy the biggest Soap & Glory gift set for myself as a treat and any remaining points, new make-up in the new year. I'll no doubt go back for more tomorrow :) 
Southern Lights, Jack Frost, Northern Lights

Southern Lights - This is like a finer Juicy Jules mixed in with dark grey/silver glitter. 
Jack Frost - this looks like a white polish which I'm sure will apply clear with a beautiful iridescent glitter.
Northern Lights - This is like a mixture of finer Pink Fizz and Juicy Jules, so pretty and girly.  

I am so impressed by this collection and can't wait to try it out. These will be perfect for winter and all the parties and nights out I have planned already. They'll be the perfect sparkly compliment to every outfit. I adore the names too. 

Models Own can't go wrong in my eyes. My favourite product is their nail polishes by a clear mile (I own some of their other make up). It's such an affordable price for an amazing product, they all dry quickly and seem pretty chip resistent compared to other companies I've used. I always get complimented when I wear their colours, I've even been told several times they look like a professional nail job!
What's your favourite Models Own? 

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  1. oh wow love the Toxic Apple and the last three. Very nice nail polishes ^-^


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