Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Summary #40

Another week, another Sunday gone. Time always whizzes past at this time of year. Definitely becoming an old lady before my time. All I've wanted to do this week is snuggle in bed and sleep. Work has been manic in the last few weeks and I'm pretty much always on the go, and it catches up with you eventually. The weathers been odd this week with the endless fog that made it quite muggy but freezing at the same time. My bus station is open and the wind that whips across is bitterly cold.
On Friday night my boyfriend cooked me a lovely curry and then we carved our pumpkins. It was great to be creative and get into the Halloween spirit. We went shopping today which was amazing. Its my boyfriends birthday at the start of December and he's always wanted a Superdry jacket. I decided that I'd surprise him with one, but needing him to size it in person and pick a design and colour I had to tell him my idea and we arranged to go and get it. Off we went in the freezing cold and upon arriving on at our destination it chucked it down. Neither of us had umbrellas, I don't think my Matalan quilted jacket is waterproof and we both only had Converse on. We sheltered under a bus stop, hoping the bus that came along would take us in the right direction. £2.80 later we were getting off and heading into MAC. They didn't have any of the lipsticks in stock I wanted but I did get another Mineralize eyeshadow, I love them! I got Cinderfella which is a black shadow with silver glitter - so pretty!
As we strolled around hand in hand once the rain had stopped (and we'd bought a huge umbrella) my boyfriend was excited to get to Superdry and get his jacket and I was saying how I've never ever owned a coat that's kept me warm enough during the winter. I came to the conclusion it could be I always buy fashion coats from Primark and New Look that look great but aren't great at keeping me warm. The rain made the day so much colder and I suggested I try a Superdry jacket on too. My boy got his jacket sorted immediately as we'd picked online, he just had to try it on. He helped me find my size in the ladies section and as soon as it was over my arms, the warmth hit me. It was almost TOO warm. And like the wonderful man he is, he even found me the colour I wanted (hot pink). We both got the Windcheater jacket and I can't wait to finally own a coat that keeps the cold out!
I didn't actually buy as much as what I thought I might. My iPod touch is on its last legs after the headphone jack went a few weeks ago, so I can only hear my music if I wiggle the jack around, which is now not working at all. The new iPod range got announced literally two days after my touch starting its slow and painful death but having a mare getting one. Nowhere has stock and HMV are doing this deal where you trade in your old touch for money off a new touch, classic or nano...except they don't have any stock for it. Maddening. Currently sitting with a Nano in my Apple basket, trying to decide on the engraving option.
 Boyfriend trying on Halloween masks! 
 Swarvoski Stitch! 
 Can't wait for this! Flash asleep :) 
 M&S chocolate Santa. My pumpkin is no 2 and my boyfriends is no 4 :) rest are my brothers creations.
 Took a risk and ordered this Avon perfume set (hate not being to smell/see a product in person)
 Barry M 350 Diamond and Rimmel 1000 Kisses in Stay Very Berry (been searching for this for weeks!)
 Topshop Nails in Firework and Idol lipstick. Firework is like a purple version of Models Own Northern Lights.
 More 3 for 2...necessary products though as I want to try the Ponds Cold Cream and the Neutrogena 3 in 1. Bonjela as I fear my wisdom teeth are making a break for freedom again :( 
 Big bottle of Snow Fairy <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 MAC Mineralize in Cinderfella 
 Think I'm going to get all the old school games I played as child, Battleships is my first addition
 I couldn't resist the Reindeer...
 Primark Wrap dress £10, bit too big for me but really nice fit otherwise
 I love this!
 Mum got me some Christmas decorations :) 
 Christmas candles! 
 Superdry love 
 Mum got me the navy version :) 
Santas, candy canes, Christmas trees, presents, all for my nails :) 
So that's my week, hope you've all had good ones,

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