Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Summary #37

Another week gone, another week closer to Christmas! My excitement is starting to escalate somewhat. I've finally kicked my cold, still sniffly and tired but getting there. Had a quiet week as my boyfriend was feeling run down and my house finally is half fixed after a flood at New Year. We've had no carpets or running water in the back half of the house so I keep forgetting we can finally use the bathroom out there again now. Shouldn't be long until the new carpets are down which will help as winter sets in as you don't realise how much a carpet helps with warmth until they're not there.

Had an eventful Friday as I accompanied my boyfriend to the Opticians. He made me laugh so much, trying on all types of glasses and some Vintage Where's Wally? round ones. Wish I'd got a photo! His eyes are pretty much perfect and then we did a random shop around Asda, as you do. Walked home with it all (ripped my arms off much!) as we had bussed there but it takes two buses to get back to mine. Was refreshing to have some proper exercise. Then went to get a Chinese for tea, in the biggest downpour we've had in ages. I left my boyfriend and Mum to look in the Co-op next door, got a EuroMillions ticket, which I haven't checked yet. I could have won! (extremely doubtful)

My baby brother turned 18 yesterday, couldn't wait to go out in the evening with the family, my older brothers girlfriend and my boyfriend. It was a surprise for my brother too, after a tough year we really felt we should do something very special for him. We took him to a local pub, which was packed because of football but he liked that. I really love pub food and it didn't disappoint. We then obviously had dessert and then welcomed him into the world of legal drinking with shots, jager bombs and goldschlager (never had it before, AMAZING! Need my own bottle at home). Went home very merry, wasn't the easiest of missions to walk in a bodycon skirt, in huge heels when I wasn't so stable on my feet. Plus with the pavements dipping up and down for drives, my boyfriend walked us in the road so it was flat. Heel fail haha. Luckily my area is pretty quiet so we didn't have to move off the road for cars. My brother got plenty of alcohol related gifts such as a hip flask, cocktail kit, shot glasses, bottles of alcohol and the like. It's very odd he's 18, I remember his first day at school! But its nice that the whole family can go and drink together.

I spent some of my birthday money yesterday too. I went back for some more Models Own and got some other goodies too. Not sure what I'll spend the rest on but not in a mad rush so will save it for when I might need it.
New LC novel :) My boyfriend found me a Sun Beam! :) 
 Poundland finds!!! 
 Mum found me this Flamingo shirt in Primark sale 
 Mum also found me these jumpers in Primark. The Owl one can kind of compensate for the Debenhams one. Both £14, the Owl is an 8 and the Rabbit is a 10 (if they look different). My boyfriend's Mum has also said she might be able to knit me an Owl jumper! Sweetest thing ever. 
 Sims Makin' Magic was one of my favourite expansions and I was sad Sims 2 never had anything similar. I couldn't believe it when Sims 3 Supernatural was announced. I didn't pre-order and I didn't buy when it was first released. I then discovered about a week ago, several websites had sold out/prices gone up. I had to buy it in Asda on Friday. Can't wait to get a chance to play! 
 I ordered off Superdrug online (£7.99) and got all these samples?! Intrigued with the Lady Gaga, being the first black perfume. 
 Can't resist a Claire's Accessories sale. These were 3 for 2 also so absolute bargain for some pretty everyday earrings. 
 I was really interested in the new TRESemme Texture range. Its on offer 2 for £7 at Boots and I was just going to get two, but after being unable to pick I just got all four. I love having some texture in my hair so I will be trying these as soon as I next wash my hair. 
 l-r Freak Out!, Dancing Queen, Blizzard
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Watermelon, Rimmel BB Cream and Soap and Glory Supercat liner.
All make-up is 3 for 2 in Boots which I love! Will be making more use of the offer. 
 Goldschlager <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
Birthday shots (I had Rainbow Sherbet and Cola)
So that's my week. I may not blog next Sunday as I'm off up slightly north for my boyfriend's nephews Christening but will post Monday. Can't believe this time next week we'll be half way into October!
Hope you've all had good weeks

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