Monday, 29 October 2012

I Heart Fall Tag

1. Favourite Fall lip product?
Vaseline! I can through so many tins of the stuff, for colour I am swaying towards wearing a darker lip like a plummy red. I usually just stick to my pinks so will be exciting to be experimental as I think dark lips done well look amazing. 

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
I can't pick one as I love to mix things up. l-r Models Own Peacock Green, Barry M Raspberry, Barry M Navy, Barry M Vivid Purple and No7 Blackberry. 

3. Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink?
Never had a Starbucks but I would no doubt pick a hot chocolate, they're heavenly in the colder months with lots of cream. 

4. Favourite Fall Candle?

Any of the Yankee candle ones. Usually an apple, gingerbread or cinnamon one. My boyfriend bought me the Glade version so I'll be burning that soon. 

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory.
Any of my hats, I have a cat, a rabbit, several pandas and a leopard. They make the world of difference and I'd be lost without them now I know how much warmer they make you feel. Plus they're great to throw on if I haven't had time to sort my hair in the morning and can leave it til I get to work! 

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Can't beat a Haunted House! 

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
Hocus Pocus, I've seen it so many times. I was slightly scared of it when I was younger but I got older and appreciated it much more. I recently bought the DVD and a friend said you notice so much more of the humour as an adult. 

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
We found some amazing bubblegum brains in my boyfriends corner shop at the weekend, so they are winning otherwise I love the Haribo fangs. 

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!

Don't think I'll get the chance to dress up this year but I really want to go for a scary look in the future. I've been a cat, devil and witch tons of times. Bring the fake blood please. 

10. What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
Its an exciting time of year with Christmas coming, Halloween, Bonfire night, cosy nights in, DVDs with the heated blanket on, the fire burning away, coming in from the cold to a warm house, hot baths and showers, wrapping up, X Factor and hot food such as roasts, casseroles and hot puddings. 

So that's my answers I tag everyone that wants to do it. Leave your post links so I can see what your fall highlights are :) 

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