Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wildest Moments

I really like the look of the new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paints but was cautious to buy as I've been the biggest fan of Barry M polishes until recently. I bought Watermelon to test and I'm pretty impressed. The polish is very shiny and doesn't need a top coat, although it would probably make the Gelly last longer. Watermelon is a dark, forest, pine green and will be great for winter or dramatic nails. Now I've tried one I really want to get some of the other Gelly paints but in the brighter colours like Blueberry and Grapefruit.
I'm quite disappointed with Watermelon as the flash has shown up a few patches that are opaque so a third coat would be needed if you wanted photogenic nails, but to the naked eye the patches aren't noticeable, and to think I nearly skipped the second coat!
 The flash has made Watermelon look like it does in the bottle, but irl it looks a lot darker
 Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon and Amethyst Glitter 
I'm a huge fan of Amethyst Glitter. Its a combination of turquoise, pink, purple, silver, gold and black glitter within a clear polish. Its so pretty! I can't wait to wear this alone or over a lighter colour to show it off better. The flash has helped but it looks slightly lost on Watermelon.

I really hate the dark evenings as its making photos an absolute nightmare. My bridge camera picks up its own lense shadow but my digital isn't as sharp and clear. Oh the woes. I am hoping I may be able to invest in a DSLR. My Mum has one and its a dream to use and the photos are always amazing. I've fallen in love with my bridge and it was a perfect way for me to work out if I wanted a DSLR before I spent all that money! Alongside my iPhone, I am taking so many photos nowadays with the help of Instagram too. The only problem is where do I print my iPhone ones. I'd print them at home but they're never the same quality and I want to re-do my picture board. If you know of anywhere, please recommend them!

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