Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday Summary #38

I've had such a nice week. Can't really put it into words, but it's a culmination of being exceptionally happy with my boyfriend and enjoyable times. I had a rough week at work, keep getting really bad migraines and some other issues. I think everyone goes through ups and downs at work, but mine have become more downs and I want to be happy a lot more in my work place, like I have been in the past.

My boyfriend was a gem and we went shopping on Friday once he'd finished work. He isn't a huge shopper but we needed a birthday present for his nephew Joshua and a Christening present for his other nephew Alexander. He shocked me when looking at Christening gifts, he suddenly got really excited and said "I can't wait to have a baby!" I guess it always seems to be women who are more eager for children, and as much as I am, I am waiting for at least another couple of years. It must be so exciting to be parents and everything it encompasses. I treated myself to a few bits but we were rushing around all the toy shops in town, looking for a present a five year old boy would love. As he loves Transformers we managed to find some. After my boyfriend had cooked me tea on Saturday and we were settled in for X Factor I got to wrapping the presents. The bow I made on the Christening present, is on my Instagram dolliegirl7. 

The Christening was the first time I would meet his brother and wife and his sister and her husband plus their three children. Plus his Grandad and his partner, so yeah just a few new people! None of them live locally so there hasn't been an opportunity before. I was so nervous, bordering on petrified. It really meant a lot to me that they would like me. It worked out quite well as I met everyone in stages, and the more of them I met the better I felt. His brother is so like him! They are like twins in so many ways: looks, personality, laugh, voice, way of speaking, humour. Plus Alexander who was christened has definitely picked up the looks of my boyfriends family. I've yet to see a baby photo of my boyfriend but apparently Alexander is the spitting image of him as a baby. His nephew Joshua also looks exactly like my boyfriend and his brother even though he is his sisters child. But my cousin, who's mum is my Mum's sister, looks so similar to my oldest youngest brother. Genes are such odd things.

It was certainly a bump back down to earth today being back at work. Yesterday was such a lovely family day, full of love. When I was younger I always hoped I'd find a boyfriend who was family orientated and part of a close knit, loving family and I realised I've found it. I grew up with my brothers and cousins, always together, on holidays, days out and round each others house. I really want my own children to grow up surrounded by family, with lots of memories and photos. With three younger brothers, we'll probably have quite a few children between us, plus the children of our partners families. Its very exciting to think the next phase of my life is already in motion towards us becoming adults and leaving the family home to create our own home and family.

This has become rather a deep, personal post. Love does crazy things, huh.
 Christening confetti. Got this habit from my Mum, collecting it haha. 
 Primark French bulldog shirt <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 Primark Penguin jumper 
 Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance set
 Whoops, more Boots 3 for 2 :) 
 I treated myself to a Jon Richard ring as it was in the sale. Its the most beautiful glittery, eye catching stone. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Its quite big, but I quite like that about it. Very much a statement piece. Its official name is "Mood Aurora Borealis Crystal Glitter Stone". The website also deducted £1 off my payment if I liked them on Facebook, how awesome is that?! Win win. 

 I didn't put it all the way down my finger as its stilled attached to the card and I don't want to open the ring too much. 
 I also received these pearl earrings in my delivery, with a sticker on the back saying "our gift to you". How lovely is that?! 
Really excited to use this as my skin gets pretty dry in the winter, like a doofus I didn't get the cleanser too. Think I was distracted so I'll have to go back it. 
So that's my week. Off to mine and the boyfriend's favourite Chinese restaurant tomorrow, hopefully a cinema trip to see Perks Of A Wallflower and its my brothers 18th birthday party on Saturday night. Its just for his friends but me and my boyfriend are staying in with my Mum to monitor from a distance ;) 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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