Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Summary #33

Had a great week shopping wise! Lots of new treats and even some Christmas shopping! Didn't have such a great end to the week as rushed up the hospital last night to visit my brother's girlfriend and my Mum's best friends daughter who I grew up with. I've never liked hospitals much, not too sure why. The smell reminds me of visiting my Grandad. I hadn't been in years til last summer when I was up there visiting someone every night for weeks and then I had to go in for tests so I've become easier with the place. I still didn't like last night. I find it so scary, all these people that are relying on the staff to care for them and you hope that they do care for them at the highest standards. I can't imagine staying in. It's made me more scared to have a baby, just thinking about being in there, let alone the pain! It was nice to go back to my boyfriend and feel safe. I couldn't wait to sleep, I felt so drained but I'd not really eaten and was so hungry. Luckily the corner shop is a few feet away and got some snacks. Couldn't believe my luck when I discovered the sell white chocolate Kit Kats!!! I searched so many places for one and they were there all along! Slept amazingly as always with my boyfriend, I always smile to myself when I see people tweet or facebook how much they look forward to being in bed alone. I hate being without my boyfriend in bed, and we both sleep better beside each other. We had a lovely day today, it was so hot! I felt like I was melting in the heat but my make up lasted very well. We had lunch at Frankie & Bennys and then went to see Anna Karenina at the cinema. I didn't have many expectations as the trailer didn't give much away but I really enjoyed it. Adore the 19th century and this film really got it right. I love how dramatic it was, the music, the costumes and the sets. Saw several trailers for films I'm dying to see - Les Miserables (seriously cannot wait for this!), The Perks of being a Wallflower, The Sweeney. Very excited for the release of Frankenweenie and the Christmas films that always appear. Highly anticipating the temperature dropping so I can wrap up.
 Galaxy McFlurry, Stretch Ronnie! 
Tasted so good for Shapers. Blue sky. 
 Michael texts are the best. Bibby love, rare photo capture! 
 Second on the Medal table! Naughty Ronnie on the worktop!! 
 Ronnie's paw. I woke to find Ronnie and Dixie asleep like this :) 
 Amazing Chinese buffet with my boyfriend, loved the carrot sculpture and the Buddha especially.
 Average texts with my brother. Ronnie waiting on the windowsill for me :) 
 Tesco run. 

 Boyfriend's cat Flash :) 
 Need I say more. Todays lunch. 
 Primark tops. 
 New Look dress. 
Primark Blazer. Feels amazing on! Can't beat a price tag of £15. 
 Moroccan tealight holder. 
 New wind chime, Owl obviously. 
That's my week. The chinese buffet was incredible. Never been to one like it before but you basically pay a set price then order as much as you like. Our waitress would write down our choices then insist we picked more. My boyfriend ate all the duck as I don't haha. And that was only a appetiser! Bless his heart, he did well. And surprisingly I felt fine afterwards. When I first started eating chinese out I would have to take tablets for the next few days as I don't think my body could cope with the amount of food or the oil in it. After about a year I was fine but rather than a belly ache for five days I'd be awake most of that night with belly ache. That soon faded too but I still tend to feel very sick after a chinese buffet but I didn't have any side effects from this one. It may be the food was freshly cooked or they used less oil but win win! If you want to see my purchases of earlier in the week you can find them here. I'm so in love with the bag still.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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