Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Summary #22

The weather this past week has been awful. So far from June type weather! It started with a really high wind that just didn't relent and is still going today. Its been cloudy, grey, rain of all types (mist, heavy, torrential, fine) and not really any sunshine. Spent the week helping the boy prepare for his week to Spain, writing to pack lists, last minute purchases and setting him up with a Nintendo DS to banish boredom travelling. Can't believe he's gone and my days without him are here. The weather is gorgeous over there, around 30 degrees so he'll thoroughly enjoy some sunshine and come back with a little tan I'm sure. Here's hoping he brings us back some actual summer weather!
I've been working like a beaver clearing my room out and donating to charity of recent weeks. Its amazing how much stuff I've found or forgotten all about. I finally took the plunge and changed my everyday make-up storage last night and re-did my drawers. I've again got rid of so much and re-arranged it all. I'm planning a blog post on it so watch out for what I've done :) Had a Primark slip on Thursday as I'd seen a blazer on Sunday with my boy, but he reasoned with me to get something colourful as it was summer and I own a lot of black. I find black such a safe colour, that can be worn on any occasion and never dates. I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back for it. Then when you haven't been to Primark for a while you see loads of new things that you want. I really want to try the Collection 2000 gel liner but like a muppet, it was on 3 for 2 and I couldn't find a third item! And I didn't want to miss out on something free, will try again this week haha. Been very good at minimum spending as I need to save some money for a little seaside weekend I've booked with my boy in August. I'm so looking forward to it, probably because the weather is so miserable right now.
 Can't resist Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse. Mint, blouse, spots, more than enough reasons. Heart print vest. The back has a zip. Ronnie wanting love at 6am when I saw my boy off to work. Turned up skinnies for short legs. Post: Matalan card, new Tesco clubcard as my previous didn't work, Cineworld Unlimited card. Models Own Collection. Contents of my bedside drawer?! Found so many new unopened Vaselines tidying my make-up storage. 
So excited to start using my Cineworld card haha, there are several films me and the boy want to see when he's home so it'll be getting a lot of use soon. I was so fed up with the weather I wore purple skinnies and petrol blue shirt on Friday to lift my mood.

Now I have a dilemma, the blazer I talked about above, comes in two designs and I just could not decide. So I bought both with the intention of keeping one and returning one, but I am torn...
Which one do we like more?
 Colour hearts?
Or sketchy hearts? 
I am swaying slightly more towards the sketchy hearts as it will go with any colour, whereas the coloured hearts would clash with some other colours.
Hope you've all had good weeks :)

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