Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Summary #21

This past week has felt so long and topsy turvy. I love a bank holiday but they make the week feel much longer then usual. Really enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations on the tv and the feeling I got from it. I love seeing bunting and flags hung proudly all over my town.
My boyfriend helped me set up my new laptop last night and I was feeling poorly so he took great care of me. He made me cry with laughter when we were looking at the different effects you can put on my webcam. I finally caved and bought Sims Medieval as I've wanted it since it was released last year and I saw it in Tescos on Friday. The boy has been playing it and we've both got really into it. Sims games are so addictive! I'm still holding out on Sims 3, but it won't be long...
I haven't really shopped this week. Just a few odd bits in Tescos (mr bump sweets, baby boy card, toiletries) but did find an Eternal Gold Maybelline Colour Tattoo on their stand which I snapped up. Went shopping with the boy today to get some last bits for his holiday next week. We've had a perfect weekend together which I've loved but at the same time will make me miss him so much more when he's not here for the next two. It will be so weird without him as we've been inseparable for the past six months except New Year and a few weekends back when he went back to his uni friends. Absence makes the heart fonder and all that.
 Free Benefit. Primark goodies. Lipstick holder! Revlon lip butter in Cupcake. Greggs sandwich, NOM. Sunny D, childhood memories. Asda charity disc. Toy Story Woody lunchbox. Twix McFlurry. ZINGY! Nandos. 
Glamour have been very naughty and released hardly any That Gal primers, slapped hands for them. Not too sure what will happen to them. I'd asked my Mum to get whichever ones she found on her weekly shop and on the same day me and the boy popped to Morrisons for lunch and found two. I didn't text her as I didn't mind having more freebies. I've heard so many good things about Porefessional that I'm excited to try it as I quite like a primer of late. When in TK Maxx with my boy today I couldn't believe I found the lipstick holder! At £1.99 I couldn't leave it. I can't wait to have it on my dressing table with favourites on display. I also finally caved and got the lip butter, my boy helped me pick a shade and I'm hoping I enjoy using it. Some of the testers were really thick and sticky but hoping its just the conditions they're in not the product. I had a Twix McFlurry on Friday and it was alright, Crunchie is still my absolute favourite. I was ever so excited to find a Zingy had popped through my door. I love him and had been hoping I'd receive one. Me and the boy finally got the Cineworld Unlimited card and saw Snow White & The Huntsman on Friday after a Nandos. It was my choice and I enjoyed it. I've only ever seen the Disney Snow White but this was such a dark twist on a classic fairytale and I think Kristen Stewart actually suited the role. She's definitely like Marmite it seems. We saw his choice today which was Prometheus. SO SCARY!!! I had to look away at so many parts haha and nearly crushed the boys hand squeezing it.
Hope you've all had good weeks


  1. Okay, I may sound like a crazy woman, but love that little guy lol! (edf blob) I'm waiting for one to come through my door. lol. Also nomm twix mcflurry :) LaceyLoves

    1. I love him also, he's so cute! the toffee sauce in the twix mcflurry is amazing! :)x


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