Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Summary #36

I've been so poorly this week and it's culminated in the most delightful cold and sicky stomach :( I struggled through work and wasn't that much fun for my poor boyfriend. I barely slept Thursday night and saw my boyfriend off to work at 6:30am feeling like death. I waited for him to finish work wishing I didn't feel so bad as my last birthday present - tickets to Grease the musical with him was that afternoon. My Mum dropped us off at the Theatre with me dosed up and hoping I'd enjoy the show. I had to time blowing my nose so not to disturb others, luckily the matinee performance wasn't full and I had no-one sat next to me. The bright lights made my eyes ache and I couldn't sing along but it was amazing all the same. Truly love my boyfriend so much for taking me as when I discovered tickets were on sale I BEGGED my Mum. It showed me how much he loves me as he knew how very much I wanted to go. I felt exhausted afterwards which I hoped would mean I could sleep but I spent another night awake unable to breathe and with stomach ache making me feel I was going to be sick at any moment. I spent Saturday in bed watching DVDs, praying I'd sleep. I forced some soup down about 9pm and surprised myself by falling asleep later on. I slept from about midnight til 8am, so happy! It felt so weird though as I usually sleep til about 10 on a Sunday. I can breathe today and my stomach doesn't hurt as much. I've got a cough which I'm trying not to let become any worse as I hate coughing. Fingers crossed I'll be back to normal in the next few days. Getting serious cabin fever now! My boyfriend has gone to Brighton for his friends birthday which is just as well as I'm hardly a bundle of fun right now. He's promised we'll go as I've always wanted to, so its added to our ever growing places to travel/holiday list.

I've done no shopping this week except a quick run to Primark in a break at work. I'd seen a bed throw last weekend that I didn't buy and some iPhone cases so had to go back. I kept waiting to feel better which didn't happen so I just grabbed a few bits.
 I had to buy a Grease programme :) 
Ronnie has decided to sleep here, the entire weekend while I've been ill. Its been a comfort hearing/seeing him there as I miss my boyfriend. 
 Black Lace Playsuit £15
 The top panel is just lace. Not sure I'll keep this as the leg sections are massive so they're loose and unless I wore black tights I'd no doubt flash my bum. 

Navy and Gold Thread Heritage Jacket £25 

 I have a cropped blazer that's a navy wool with gold thread mix that I ADORE. This is very similar but more of a jacket and a tougher material, so will be more appropriate for colder times. 
iPhone cases, all £2! 
 I love these to keep me warm :) 
 I've resisted this for weeks, and finally caved. I knew I'd never get over it if I didn't own it. Not too sure what I'll wear this with yet. 
 Barry M Magenta Glitter 
 Batiste is on offer everywhere at the moment. I'm getting through so much as I avoid washing my hair in the hope it helps it grow, Cherry is my favourite but so hard to find! New Impulse, I got it purely because its got Jasmine in it. 
Really interesting to read through the programme. My boyfriend discovered someone that went to the same school as him was playing  Rizzo (she was great). Small world and all that. 
Mum went to Primark: 
Gold zips £25 
 I love wearing leather jackets (or pleather if you'd rather). Mum called to ask if I wanted this and I said yes. I can only say the magpie in me craved gold zips. The only other jacket I have with gold zips is my biker one.
 Reduced to £2! 
 More iPhone cases. 
 Really love this one, looks much more expensive than its £3 price tag. 
 Lusted after this jacket for ages so was happy Mum got me one :) £25
 Grey and dusky rose skull scarf £3
 I'm not blonde, but I am a massive My Little Pony fan! £6 
 Duck print blazer, £10 sale
So happy with my new items :) Mum knows me so well. She was saying I have too many jackets and too many clothes so I need a clear out, but I like having a big collection of clothing. I think it may be because I have claimed half of her wardrobes as mine :) Can't believe today is the last day of September! WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING?! Very excited for October as its my littlest brothers 18th birthday (where's the time gone?!) Halloween, getting colder, Christmas stock is appearing in shops and X Factor Live shows start. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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