Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Summary #34

I'm sat writing this after cooking my first ever roast for my boyfriend. Absolutely stuffed! I've the worst habit of making/cooking too much food haha. My boyfriend watched the film 2012 while I cooked, I really don't (want to) believe the world will end on the 21st December 2012...just a few months away! I've missed most of the film preparing the roast so no idea what's going on except the world is ending. I'm amazed at myself this clothes shopping! I am majorly lusting after the H! by Henry Holland grey Owl jumper link, but at £38 I couldn't bring myself to spend that much. I said to my boyfriend I'll miss it when its reduced, and it went down to £30.40 online and is sold out! I love anything with an Owl on and heard Marks and Spencers are doing an Owl jumper so will go and look. Then I saw the cutest Owl bag in Accessorize today. Owl obsession!
The only shopping I've done this week was today. Quick trip round town with my boyfriend but most things I saw I'll go back with my birthday money for. Found some bargains in TK Maxx. Ever since I got my lipstick holder in there I've really come around to the shop and often go and look for stuff as I always see on Twitter and blogs about items in there but I never find them in mine. Couldn't believe my luck when I found Models Own triple boxsets!  The Beatrix Potter tins were such a find too. Words can't express how in love with them I am. They've got tea in which my boyfriend can't wait to drink and once they're empty I'll use them for something. Too cute to leave. Mum got me the sweetest panda gloves in Primark Oxford Street as she went to see the Olympians Parade with my brother on Monday. I've done a few Christmas shopping bits this week too. Two of them are things I need to work on so I had to buy them in enough time to get sorted.

This week its my birthday on Thursday, 24! I've got this week off work so should have more photos next week and more adventures. Lots of plans and a trip to Matalan so hoping for some new bits :)
 Panda Primark gloves
 Beatrix Potter tins
 Different pictures on all sides :) 
 Superdrug bargains: Nivea lip care 99p, Cherry Batiste £1.45
Models Own Triple Boxset
 l-r Black Smash-Up, Jade Stone, Purple Poppy
 This little lot cost me just £3.96, 99p store!
 Can't find to use this :) 
Birthday presents so far :) 
I'd been told about white Lion bars in a 99p store in my town but when we got there I discovered they also did normal Lion bars and Peanut ones so got one of each. Love using pretty cases for my baking and the shower gel smells lovely, I love Jasmine! I already have a black Models Own Smash-Up but I've wanted Jade Stone for ages and although I have a big list for the Models Own sale I couldn't resist a bargain like this. I'm getting through quite a bit of Batiste as I grow my hair and wash it once a week. This stuff is a life saver and the cherry one is my favourite. I rarely pay full price for Batiste as you can always pick it up on offer and Superdrug regularly do their better than half price on it so I got another can. I'm keeping my birthday presents in my living room to avoid peeking/feeling/looking/shaking temptations. 
That's it for this week! Off to the cinema tomorrow to see Lawless, heard so many good things about it and can't wait to see the Sweeney asap. 
Hope you've all had good weeks

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