Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pay Day Treats

I'm not usually one to splash my monies when I first get paid but last month was quite expensive and I stayed away from the shops. I didn't even look online (except for winter wardrobe pieces, which are few and far between). I saw on Maisy's blog, a bag that I just HAD to own. I headed straight for h&m on my lunch break and spotted a black one, on the front of store display. The others were all the ivory colour so I got hold of the black one while I looked around. I never find anything in there anymore and just bought the bag. I love it, will be so roomy for all the crap I tote around with me and will see me through the winter nicely. The size will be handy as I like a bigger bag in winter. Not too sure why, usually because I shop so much more with Christmas approaching and as I'm unsteady on my feet in icy/snowy conditions I like just one bag. Random but true. I then stopped by the Body Shop for the charity lip balm. I bought the original dragon fruit one years ago, and bought four pots as it was limited availability. I am still on the first pot mind, gross? It sits in my every day make up storage with two other lip butters and I wary which one I use. They have several new lines and I found a Satsuma body mist. Satsuma is possibly my favourite scent of all the body shop and I love smelling it on me. I still wanted to stop by Boots so didn't browse anymore. I was after the Lee Stafford hair growth products and they were on offer 3 for £12, bargain! I got two pots of the hair growth treatment which should retail for £7.99 each and a shampoo £6.99. I am amazed at the offer, such good value for money. I just used the treatment for the first time tonight so hopefully I will see results, in time. If not, it smells delish and my hair is super soft.
Plus I finally got the Hills Complete box set, been after it for so long and it went pretty cheap on Amazon :)
That's all, for now at least :)

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