Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Summary #30 & #31

I'm back! I had planned to do my #30 this week but just didn't have the time. Had a lot of stuff going on and my blog has been taking a back seat in recent weeks. I have several post ideas which I'm hoping to get up soon.
Onto the past fortnight. Its been a tough time but I had the best break with my boyfriend in Great Yarmouth and some family fun. I spent the week before going away packing, little by little and buying little bits I needed like a mini dry shampoo. We had such an amazing time away and it was over far too fast for my liking. We couldn't have had better weather, 32 degrees at its peak! I'd managed to catch my shoulders and back the weekend before we went away and considering each time I'd only been in the sun a short while and it was in the low 20s my boy had the job of regularly spraying my back and shoulders with tons of sun cream. We took the Garnier Ambre Solaire clear spray in SPF50. It doesn't need rubbing in but it did work. I only caught my chest slightly, my only gripe being how greasy it is. I couldn't wait to shower it off. I was so impatient to hit the beach when we arrived and enjoy the weather. We found the yummiest chinese buffet for tea, but being so hot we couldn't eat loads. We trailed round the arcades but didn't win much. We found one arcade that gives you tickets and you save them up to pick a prize of your choice. They had a Me To You cabinet but all the prizes were in the 1600 region. Most games were 10p-50p so I knew it wouldn't be cheap to save up. My boy managed to work out the timings on one of the machines and kept winning reams of tickets. On Sunday we hit the Pleasure Beach and had so much fun. Haven't laughed so much in ages and we had the maxi wristbands which is unlimited. On one ride I lost my sunglasses, they'd been tucked into the front of my dress but the force of the ride must have thrown them off. I was gutted but when we passed the ride half an hour later one of the attendants was goofing around with them. I had to get them back so went and said "they're mine!" and he was like "i knew this would happen!". They had a scratch on one lense and the bridge is broken, and although since coming home the split has worsened and a lense has popped out I may be able to fix them. I got told off on the Dodgems for bashing into my boyfriend, when I thought that was the whole point?! The Monorail was so rickety and felt unsafe I didn't enjoy it much. My boy made me go on Sky Drop and I hated/loved it. The Roller Coaster is really old but so much fun, laughed so much on it and went on about three times. Begged my boy to go on the Carousel, love them so much, you're never too old. Thought I was going to die of laughter in the Fun House. My boy had to pull me over most of the moving floors because I was laughing so much I couldn't get over them. Sunday evening we had the nicest fish and chips on the beach, forgot how much I love cod. We went back to the ticket arcade and finally got enough to get a Me To You ornament, I was so pleased! One machine gave my boy 200 tickets on a super bonus so we didn't spend that much winning a prize in the end. I love Great Yarmouth so much, I went so much when I was younger and there's still so much I love doing there as an adult. I can't wait to be able to get away with my boy again. We were poorly bunnies during Sunday night as we think we ate dodgy donuts (smelt funny) and so Monday we were pretty delicate. Spent the day on the beach, shopping and travelling home. I was shattered and spent this past week attempting to sleep as much as possible, unpack, tidy my room and everything else.  Plus when we went away I had a horrible bite on my knee. It had a very dark red centre, yellow surround and bright red outside. It looked horrific but it was too hot to cover up in jeans or leggings. While we were away I got bitten on my arm and at one point it was so swollen it looked like I'd broken my arm. I'm not sure if they made me feel funny this week but my arm started to go numb the day after the swelling went down and I just felt off all week. Both are fine now but the one on my knee has still left a bruise like mark which I hope fades soon.
I haven't done much shopping except a trip to Primark and New Look. I found a lovely grey coat in Primark but it has a pleat down the back that is stitched at the bottom so makes me look huge as it puffs out. New Look had buy one get one free on their jewellery and I found a few bits on my visit.
Photos from my iPhone: 
 Ronnie. Packing mess...
 Minis <3 lipsticks="lipsticks" p="p" which="which">
 Bite :( Weather forecast :) 
 Cooling down. B&B cat
 Leisureland winnings
 Oh hi there! Beach
 Slush puppie at 10am :) Union Jack flag 

 Starbucks. Treats from my boyfriend :)
Photos from my bridge camera: 
 Models Own Hedonist with Juicy Jules
Holiday Buys: 
Spice Girls cd for 99p! Another case...
 Lighter fluid (I don't smoke, for my lighter for my candles), Banksy  magnet, crayons, Nail Art Confetti 
 Sea Life coin and Log Flume keyring 
 Finds in Savers :) 
 Obligatory Seaside Rock 
 Yankee Candles
 Fridge Magnet
 Leisureland Prize :)
New Look Avon & Primark:
 All Over Face brush and Ultra Colour Rich Brilliance Lipstick in Pink Paparazzi 
 A bright pink with blue sparkles (the camera hasn't picked them up)
 Jewellery Organiser (not filled yet!)
Very photo heavy but so much to see. The pictures from my holiday is just a fraction of how many I actually took! Plus I couldn't take my bridge to the Pleasure Beach and sometimes left my iPhone on charge at the B&B.
Hope you've all had good weeks, yay to the bank holiday!

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