Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Adding Some Sparkle

Gutted with the weather at the moment, I have a week off work, its July and its windy, cloudy, grey and quite chilly. I was so hoping for sunshine! Anyway last week I treated myself to a new glitter polish. I haven't used Barry M for ages as Models Own have become my absolute favourite, go-to, polish of choice. I did try the Barry M Indigo the other night as I love the deep purpley blue hue but it wouldn't dry just stayed tacky and I gave up and removed it. However when I saw this bottle sparkling at me under the lights in Boots, I was buying it with hesitation.
 Barry M 340 Aqua Glitter £2.99
 The glitter is actually a mixture of bigger and smaller pieces which I haven't seen in Barry M before. But they've just released the Jewel Britannia which has bigger and small glitter pieces. I've layered this polish up to about 3 or 4 layers and it looks incredible when it catches the light. Even more amazing is I haven't applied a top coat (you what?!) and it hasn't chipped! I have been off work but this has gone through washing up, showers, food preparation and quite a few hand washes (clean freak). When I first used the Barry M glitter polishes years back they would chip in big flakes and would last one or two days if that. They may make the clear polish containing the glitter stronger or it could be the bigger and smaller glitter particles holding together stronger I don't know. However I'm so happy it has stayed on this well. Barry M have a few new glitter polishes out, not sure for how long as I rarely look let alone buy of recent times but they seem to be upping their game.
So the weather may be rubbish but I can still have something pretty to look at :)

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