Monday, 2 July 2012


I love Florence and the Machine so much. Hence the title. Her floaty dress at Hackney was something to see.
Here's my sale bits I picked up last week. I picked a bad time to go in, the first day at lunch time. I usually find so much but this time due to the amount of people in the always cramped store I couldn't look at everything. I will probably go back to look for more at some point.
 Feather Owl pendant £12 £6
I've wanted this necklace for ages but managed to hold out incase it was in the sale! There was only two and the other one's feathers weren't straight. As soon as I bought this the sales assistant asked the manager to take it off the hooks and my receipt says price override. I think this isn't meant to be in the sale but if you spot it grab it!
Leaf ring £6 £3 
I saw one like this in Dorothy Perkins a while back but never got it, so was happy to pick it up for a mere few pounds. 
Bracelets £8 £4 
I love wearing sets of bracelets like this. I used to hate wearing more than one thing on my arm but I quite like the layered look now. 
 "M" Initial ring £4 £2 
I couldn't help but be a mushpot when I saw this ring. They didn't have my initial but they had my boyfriends :) haha cheesy much. 

Over the weekend I had a dry patch in the middle of my top lip appear. I had this last summer too and when I started to think back to this post, I started to panic. I cannot bear to go through it again. I slathered my lips in Carmex in the hope it would be stronger then Vaseline and give my lips moisture. I ended up googling the dry patch and found a really helpful forum suggesting all sorts of things. The best remedy for me looked like Blistex lipbalm but being a Sunday and I wouldn't be in town for when the shops were open I held out til today. Plenty of choice but this looked the best. As soon as I applied it I could feel it working. It reminds me of using Germolene last time, its thick and creamy, smells medicated and stays on well. My lip feels much better now and I will continue using this and hopefully my dry patch will go. I am seriously impressed at its power after only one application. 
 Blistex £2.59 Boots 
I also picked up this cream. I love calamine so much for calming bites and I have a fresh batch on my foot and ankle. The lotion leaves a white powdery residue on my skin and in the summer I will look odd. The cream leaves a slightly similar effect but this is much easier to carry in my bag as opposed to a glass bottle and cotton pads.
£1.60 Boots
Some of the bites are huge and so itchy! 
How controlled I am now in sales! I didn't find anything in the Topshop clothes sale, but it was busy and nothing stood out. Can't wait to get down to New Look they always have good sales!

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