Friday, 2 November 2012

October Favourites

I always mean to do these posts and then seem to miss what I consider to be the reasonable time slot in which to publish them! Plus add the fact I never usually change my products that much as I tend to stick to the same companies, but I'm trying to venture out of my comfort zone and use different products. I'm hoping I will be able to do these monthly but depends if I've got anything worth writing about.
Garnier Soft Essentials Complete Cleansing Milk (Rose) £2 (on offer) & The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner £8
 I've loved this Garnier cleanser for many years now but I've never found a toner I like to use after it. I saw the Vitamin E toner reviewed in a magazine and decided to pick it up. I get quite dry skin in the winter and I find that toners can dry my skin out even more. When I first opened this I panicked as it looked oily as I tipped it onto my damp cotton pad, but its so far from oily. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. Some toners can be really watery and feel almost harsh on your skin but this is soft and gentle. Its pretty much a perfect partner with the Garnier milk followed by a moisturiser. I really want to get the Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser now. When I got home from shopping with my boyfriend I said I should have got the cleanser but its a funny story as when I got it they had 20% off between 12pm and 3pm and I had 9 minutes to shop according to the sales assistant so I just grabbed a few things haha. I have fallen in love with this product and can see me re-purchasing time and time again.
Avon Little Red Dress EDP £13 
I'm actually a Trendsetter for Avon and have no end of their products. I get through so much perfume from them and I've loved the Little Black Dress one for so many years. Avon describe Little Red Dress as 
"Irresistible fruity nectar mingles with bulgarian Rose and sensual Red Sandalwood, for a feeling like you've just slipped into your little red dress. Oriental, fruity." 
I've had compliments on this scent and its very distinctive and memorable. Its long lasting and is definitely up there as being one of my favourite Avon perfumes. 

 TRESemme Texture Style products £5.50 each 
My hair can be so difficult to style but I will always try a product which claims to give volume and texture as my hair lacks it. When it comes to TRESemme they can do no wrong in my eyes. Their products are amazing quality without a hefty price tag. I tried to pick which ones to get but couldn't make a decision so carted all four to the till. I have been thoroughly impressed with these and they've become my staple hair products this past month. I'm currently washing my hair once a week, then using these products and plaiting my hair wet, sleeping in it and waking up to little waves. I love wearing my hair this way as it looks so pretty and girlie. I use the Velvet Creme through my wet hair, then use the Tousled Wave spray and plait. When I take the plaits out I use the Divine Definition spray to set them and catch any flyaways. I've only used the Backcomb Dust a couple of times. It does the job! Very odd as it comes out as powder then turns into a clear, almost sticky product (I think from the heat of your hands) but it does lift the roots without the damage of backcombing it. The biggest attraction to this range is that they don't leave your hair stiff, crunchy or sticky. My hair stays soft, flowing and bouncy, win win. 
 TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In treatment £5.69, TRESemme Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused Perfecting treatment £6.99, TRESemme Salon Smooth Serum £4.79
I'd never dream of washing my hair and not using some sort of serum or oil on the ends. I've been using them since becoming serious about looking after my hair and trying to grow it and they definitely make a difference. My ends always used to be quite dry and my Mum would always nag me to get them cut, which is also another reason why my hair never grew as the ends would grow thin, dry and straggly, look terrible and I'd get them cut off. I'm not sure if these are the reason but the ends of my hair are remarkably improved and look much better  and thicker than they used to. I usually use a couple of pumps, focus on the ends and then use the remainder of product on my hands through the middle of my hair length.
 Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry £2.50
This is my best friend as it means I am managing to go an entire week without washing my hair and it doesn't look greasy! AMAZING! When I first tried Batiste, after seeing and hearing endless raving about it, I didn't like it, it didn't work for me. Somehow I figured out how to make it work my hair and the miracle happened. The trick is to not to be frugal with this product (a can still lasts me ages with every day use) and spray your hair particularly on your parting, front and any other parts that you want to de-grease. Leave it to settle and then ruffle your hair, I tend to ruffle harder where I've sprayed more. I also love the way this product doesn't drop out during the day or overnight. I'm terrible for playing with hair at night as I watch tv or fall asleep yet Batiste is still hanging on in there in the morning. Plus it makes my hair thicker and much easier to style which is no bad thing when you're half asleep in the morning and just want a sleek ponytail for work and your quiff to go right at the first attempt. Cherry is my favourite scent and it seems everyone else's too as it can be hard to find, but all the Batiste smells are nice. 
 Tangle Teezer Purple Glitter £10.99 
This was another purchase to help look after my hair while growing it. I noticed as my hair grew it became more prone to tangles and knots and I didn't enjoy hearing my hair snap. This was so worth money, it gets the most use out of my entire brush collection (about 20) as I use it to brush my hair through before and after washing and if my boyfriend brushes my hair he will only use this (he kept nagging me to get one when I was debating it!). It feels amazing when it runs over your scalp and I love having my hair brushed without worrying about breakages. I'd say this is essential for looking after your hair. 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99 
I never used to wear foundation as I could never find a match for my skin (pale with freckles) and they all looked thick, cakey and just horrible on me. This is the second foundation I've found that I really like. It gives medium coverage, glides on smoothly, gives you a little dewy glow and I love wearing it. I only use concealer on my under eyes when I use this as it covers so well. I put off buying this for so many months and was so pleased when I finally got it. I think Rimmel have really upped their game lately and they've got no end of brilliant products appearing. 

So that's my October favourites, link me to yours so I can see what I can find to enjoy in November.

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