Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Summary #27

A really quiet week as had lots of family stuff going on and it has been SO hot! I was only moaning last week at the dire weather and then I was melting in the heat this week. Hated how it just suddenly happened and was so hot and muggy instantly. Thankfully the air con at work is bliss, but its not very good, it takes hours to reach a nice temperature and then by about half three I'll have goosebumps from the cold. This last week of the month has been painful, I've spent so much on silly things this month, one being about £16 on EuroMillions tickets which I doubt I have won a penny on. Then odd bits I've had to spend out on which is frustrating. My lips are still giving me agg and going through good and bad days. Not even thought about the doctors til writing this to be honest. So much else on my plate right now.
Had a rough day Saturday with two lots of bad news, life changing news so treated myself in Superdrug. Been spending a lot of time with my Mum on an exciting project which I hope will take off and I can reveal soon.
Despite my bad news I'm remaining positive as I have so much to look forward to. My birthday is the 20th September, and I'm excited for some reason. After my 21st I wasn't so excited for them and I'll be 24 this year >-< but oddly excited for it already. Shopping with my boy this Friday which I haven't been shopping outside of my town for a while now and looking forward to MAC and Lush particularly.
Accessorize iPhone case. Olympic nails. Few odd toiletries. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm in Cherish and Barry M in Teal. Primark blazer. 
I had a refund for Accessorize but did an exchange for the case. I love the heart one I have from there, so nice to hold and eye catching plus fits like a glove. I got a case off eBay from Hong Kong and the quality is so bad and one side is too wide. Definitely learnt my lesson to go for quality. Olympic fever has well and truly got me. I watched the Opening Ceremony and felt so proud. It was amazing seeing Britain's history played out in such an incredible way and had so many goosebumps. I got ready for bed during the flag parade, managed to stay awake for the GB team..and then fell asleep and missed the torch coming into the stadium. Gutted. I planned to do stuff on my nails but never got round to it so maybe while its still on I'll try again to jazz them up. Although I can't currently wear any lip products the Revlon was on offer and I want to try it when I can. I couldn't resist the Barry M nail paint in Teal, it was the last one and I always feel I have to get it if I want it and its the only one! I am so in love with the black blazer from Primark. It was £22 but a good quality fabric with a leopard print inside, gold zips and gold buttons. The back flares out slightly too. My black blazer from years ago is too big now and I've found black is impossible to get lately with only stripes, polka dots, pastel and bright blazers on the high street. This will be perfect for so many things from nights out to work things to funerals and just something light to throw on. With the sunshine out though I'll be sticking to my coral pink blazer.
That's all this week, nothing exciting except keeping cool and going mad for the Olympics! So proud to have it here in London.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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