Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Summary #24

Had such a lovely week, enjoying my boy now he is home from holiday. Couldn't wait to get him round and just be in his company. He was an absolute babe and got me the cutest presents. He really does know me so well! A wooden anchor with a timer inside, a wooden seaside chest, postcard (incase his didn't turn up which it hasn't yet...) and a keyring with an E on. It meant so much more he'd really thought about what I would like. In the end I didn't give him a MAC duty free list as I didn't want him to go out of his way and I knew if he didn't get anything he'd be upset. We're going shopping together to somewhere with a MAC counter soon though. The absolute babe he is, went into MAC anyway but couldn't choose a lipstick as "they all looked nice and like what you already have" and they didn't sell nail polish as he'd know a colour I don't already have. Bless his cottons. Had a Chinese out with work this week which was very nice, finding it harder to eat with the heat though. The humidity this week has been unbearable, hate it. Glad its gone its just hot and windy now which is frustrating as you need something for the wind but the pockets where the wind can't go you're boiling.
Just had an amazing weekend with my boy. We've been together six months now and I am so insanely happy with him. It's just such an easy relationship, we get along so well and I love every second I'm with him. We saw The Five Year Engagement yesterday, I love Emily Blunt and she's so good in it! A funny film but some tender moments too. Went for Storage 24 today, I'm a massive fan of Noel Clarke and British I wanted to see this as soon as I heard about it even if I don't like scary ones. Very jumpy, some gory bits and an horrific alien/monster. Just been perusing new films coming out and seen an alien type one set in the Underground of London. I'm pretty obsessed with the tubes (?!) and my boy might want to see it. We watched Batman Begins last night as I need to know the story ready for The Dark Knight Rises in a few weeks. Literally totally get the whole love for these comic book characters. Such an epic film and I think Batman is so cool with his cape, bat ears and the Bat Mobile! I so wanted to watch the Dark Knight next but it was at my boys house so will wait til this weekend. Usually watch movies on a Saturday night as we have more time and not got to be up early for work. Plus I'm usually so tired during week day evenings (old lady alert!) I hate trying to concentrate on films when I'm tired. Also my boys excitement for the Amazing Spiderman is rubbing off on me well, the trailer looks great and I'm really getting into these sorts of films after Avengers Assemble, I've been missing out!!
An extremely quiet week shopping wise! Got a few Accessorize sale bits which I'm posting separately as I always seem to every time the sale comes around!
Cool treat after work. My boy brought white oreos home <3<3<3. Ronnie love. Presents from my boy. Really white clouds. Vanilla coke! Sunday morning skies! 
This week has definitely been about down time and chilling. My hayfever has been bad and it makes me hate going outside. Got a week off work in a fortnight which I'm really looking forward to, going to work in sunshine sucks. Then my seaside weekend with my boy in August is creeping ever closer, seriously can't wait. And the weekend after is bank holiday, love a four day week far too much. 
Hope you've all had good weeks :)

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