Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Summary #26

The weeks are going so fast at the moment. I know the summer goes quicker, or so it felt when I was younger but we haven't been having summer weather. My entire week off work has been grey, cloudy and raining quite considerably. Today was the first day that it was blue skies and sunshine, for the entire day. It felt so warm just standing in the sunshine. Had a lazy day with my boyfriend mostly in bed watching re-runs of the Only Way Is Essex. I've watched from the beginning and am unashamedly a huge fan. Since being with me he's heard about it and couldn't understand why Lauren is so disliked or certain things that have happened so I've been educating him. Love the drama that used to go down in the early days, and so weird seeing characters and remembering what I thought of them back then to what I do now. Its starts again tonight which is exciting. Its probably the only tv I watch every episode of.
Spent most of my week off chilling out. My best friend got a sickness bug so I was keeping clear but saw her Friday night for The Amazing Spiderman. I really did enjoy it second time round and so excited my boyfriend has got me into all these Marvel and DC films. Really enjoying my Cineworld Unlimited card, I never used to be a film person, I fidget and I have to be in the mood to watch a film. I get distracted so easily at home or at someone else's. I find it easier in a cinema to watch the film as there's no distractions except a few whispered words. Me and the boy went to see The Dark Knight Rises yesterday WOW. Amazing, I spent all evening thinking about it, pretty certain I dreamt about it, woke during the night thinking about it and then thought today we'll be going again soon. As soon as it finished my boy said he wanted to see it all over again. At nearly three hours long I was amazed that I hardly noticed the time at all. It didn't feel that long at all. I'm very new to the Batman films only having seen the first two in the last month and was blown away at both. The Dark Knight Rises did such a good job of ending it all and tying bits up. I don't know why but I've never taken Anne Hathaway very seriously. She was good in the Devil Wears Prada but Emily Blunt was better, I liked Love and Other Drugs also but more for Jake Gyllenhaal. I can't remember much else she has done  but she's amazing as Catwoman. Feminine but tough. I loved one scene she does with Batman down in the sewers and her last scenes are also epic. Oddly I find Bale's mouth very sexy in the Batman mask...I can't wait to see it again as there is so much to take in. I would highly recommend having seen the previous ones before this as you won't have a scooby what's going on. I had to ask my boy later about certain bits that I wasn't sure of. Very excited for the release of Ted, hoping its good as there is a lot of hype and advertising surrounding it. I've been pretty good this week shopping wise. Just a few bits I've picked up considering I've had seven days to shop I'm impressed.

 Cake baking. Bits to cook for my boyfriend. Making Chicken Tonight with mashed potatoes. New Matalan cushion (front, £2 in the sale!!). My lovely boyfriend bought some american import goodies. My Ronnie.
My first ever Pop Tart!! Goodies from my Mum going to town <3. Using Ronnie on instaframe. 
 Bits from the Range: air dry clay, England themed bows, heart crystals and my favourite sweets. Heart crystals close up. Card making stickers plus animal themed ones for scrapbooking. Christmas card toppers (yes already, but they were 5 for £1 and I'm really into my card making). Big Buddha <3. 
Owl necklace Matalan £6
Looks like a lot and its kind of cheating my Mum getting me some bits but she knows me so well and always gets me some epic finds. I love the Range for craft bits and I went for a storage box to keep my beads in. I love all the little crafty bits I find and I love their homeware section. I love buddhas and I haven't often seen more delicate ones like this, usually the chubby ones. I was hoping to find something in the Matalan sale but most things were size 16 and above. I couldn't resist the owl necklace and the cushion was an absolute bargain at £2! I am gaining too many cushions but I love them and when I move out they'll have more space to sit hopefully other than my bed. My lip is still giving me a lot of hassle but it has calmed down. It has bad and good days currently. I finally managed to wear my Revlon Just Bitten in Passion on Thursday YAY but my lip has been peeling alot. I'm not sure if its because of whatever is wrong or because I'm using cold sore remedies on it occasionally and that's how they get rid of one. I may attempt the doctors this week on my day off, the usual routine is no appointments for a few weeks unless its an emergency. We'll see how this week goes, it isn't as red as it has been.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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