Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Summary #25

Another week gone, another week I'm still battling with my lips. I've been using Germolene for two weeks now to try to tackle the dryness, cracking and sore spot on my lips. The sore spot comes and goes but the dryness remains. Having tried all lip balms/moisturisers I went for Zovirax today. I'm hoping the sore spot could be a cold sore or the beginnings of one. Either way I'm hoping this cream can get rid of it. If it doesn't disappear I should probably go to the doctors. I don't imagine they have anything they can prescribe but its worth a shot. Getting increasingly frustrated as missing wearing lipstick and lip gloss. They just cling to the dryness and highlight it even more. I'm off work this week and it'd be nice to have normal lips!
I've hardly shopped at all this week, amazed at myself. I'm saving money for several things coming up and been avoiding the shops. I find it too easy to waste money and I tend to go shopping on lunch breaks and spend because I can. I ordered on Accessorize last week and it arrived this week so that still counts. Can't wait to go shopping with my boy next month as there'll be a MAC to spend in :) I get so excited as I don't have one in my county. I'm after a bright colour and been eyeing up Impassioned, Girl About Town and Up The Amp. Had some random songs in my head this week at work. Wednesday I had Princess Of China which isn't bad, but someone Thursday was Ne-Yo Let Me Love You. Very odd indeed as don't recall hearing it recently. Think this next week will be chilled as I see friends in the week, enjoy not waking up to my alarm at 6:30am and see my boyfriend more. He starts early and finishes mid afternoon, while I work the norm.
Asda iPhone case & Olympics duck. eBay iPhone cat case. Accessorize order: Invitation set, paper punches (apple & heart), Sweet Shop stickers, weather and seaside stickers, Rosie bunny ring and Delilah ring, London postcard long wallet and Hearts iPhone case.
 Primark super soft skinnies and floral top. Primark blue shirt. Boots goodies. Zovirax. Barry M in 340 Aqua Glitter, Revlon Just Bitten in Passion and L'Oreal Super Linger in Black Vinyl. MJ love. Models Own collection. Garden. Still a cashew addict. 

I was really sad to receive the Accessorize wallet as I LOVE the design but it simply isn't big enough for me. Only one side has card slots and I need two minimum. I have tried having a little card holder in my bag but its too hard to root around for both when you need cash and a loyalty card in a shop. Its too much faff and I much prefer having it all together. I had a quick look round Primark as my brother wanted some shoes from there and only found three things! I'm not sure about the blue shirt but there wasn't many left. I didn't have time to try it on and still haven't so not sure how it looks on. I love these shades of blue and thought they looked good in contrast. I'm unsure about the back as it splits up to about halfway. I had to risk buying it in a  bigger size too as my boobs need room and I hate when they pull at the buttons. Couldn't resist the skinnies, they are so soft! And a gorgeous colour too, I have several coloured skinnies now but I love them. When its back to winter the black and blue will come out again. Treated myself to a few  bits in Boots with my Advantage points. I usually spend all year saving them up but I'd got £20 or so already so thought I'd use them mid-year. I originally intended to get the Revlon Just Kissable lip stain but went for the Just Bitten. I may go back, but Passion was so my colour. It looks like Nicki Minaj Viva Glam so very excited. Just need my lips to get better now. Needed a new liner and getting fed up of the Soap and Glory trying out so quick. I've been meaning to try L'Oreal for a while now and wanted Carbon Gloss but it was out of stock. And I couldn't resist the Barry M. Since discovering Models Own I haven't got back to Barry M. The Aqua Glitter looks amazing! Taking advantage of no work and wearing this. My nails tend to chip quicker at work. As you can I've acquired quite a few cases for my phone haha. Too many choices! Still got several in my eBay watch list I'm after. Trying not to go crazy and buy all of them at once. I went to see Magic Mike with the bestest and her sister last night. I was only seeing it for Channing Tatum and he does not disappoint. He spends a lot of it in not a lot. He has an amazing body and he can dance. Such a talent. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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