Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Summary #24

Number 24?! That will be my age in just over two months time WAH. Time goes much quicker the older you get. When I was younger all I wanted to do was get older, be an adult and do adult things. Now I'm here I miss the simplicity of school, homework and socialising kid style (down the park). I wouldn't go back as I love my life now, I might not earn millions but I am happy. I've met the man of my absolute dreams, I'm saving for my own house (childhood dream) and I'm excited for my future. I want children (one day, love my freedom too much right now) and I want the routine of taking my children to school, baths, feeding time, storybooks, days out for kid friendly activities, tucking them into bed and giving them the best childhood but that's still years off. There are so many places in the world I want to visit in the next few years. Top of my list is New York. Probably before then it'll be Disneyland Paris as I really want to take my boyfriend and I'm lusting after a London break soon. We've got a seaside weekend away in August which I'm far too excited for already haha.
Had a very good week with lots of memories. The Olympic torch relay came to my town and it was incredible to see it for real. The atmosphere was unforgettable and so excited, you could feel it. Had a crazy time getting home as the buses had gone into evening service (every half an hour, single deckers) but after almost half an hour of waiting it seemed a sensible employee got more buses into service. We managed to get onto a double decker which was rammed. It was swaying and rocking as we went round corners and roundabouts and you could feel the weight keeping it from going usual speed. Me and the boy ordered chinese which is always a highlight of life. I was still on a high on Friday and had about one million errands to run. Had the delights of visiting my sexual health clinic for more pills. They've cut their hours right back which doesn't help when I work full time plus last time I went I was kept waiting over two hours for just five minutes in the room. I decided to go early morning to beat others and was in and out within ten minutes haha.  The thing I find so hilarious is every clinic I've been to is always playing love songs. How ironic to be playing songs about getting it on when they are trying to discourage unplanned pregnancies and exercising safe sex. Plus they are such cringey songs. I blushed at one and it takes alot to make me blush! I was meeting my boyfriend on his lunch from work so had to kill time. Ended up going shopping as you do. Trying to be careful with money to save for a shopping trip soon, holiday spending money and just not be so frivolous. However I got some right bargains! 
WHSmith finds. Paperchase laptop stickers 50p, Panda stickers £1. Accessorize Peace necklace £2.50 and River Island gummy rings £1. Primark Owl cotton bag. Pac-a-mac for my boy. London tops. Bunny pj bottoms close up. Bunny pjs. Striped jeans. Duck print peter pan. Dalmatian print shirt. Olympic torch relay. 
I may have had several goodies to bring home on Friday but all cheap. I'm so disappointed with New Look still, can't find anything for love nor money in there right now which is so unusual for my favourite shop of about ten years. I'm hoping the River Island gummy rings will act as stoppers as my fingers have got smaller in the last few months and a lot of my favourite costume rings are too big. Most are quite big so these could sit under them, to keep them on. Otherwise its sale/charity/car boot. Couldn't resist the Peace necklace its so pretty when it catches the light. I'm fed up of Primark bags, they may be good for the environment but they fall to pieces in rain, rip and when they get home are just recycled. My Primark have a habit of giving you the biggest bag which is awkward to carry and always cuts into my wrists. I have a right thing for owls so thought I'll solve this bag problem but I bet when I next go in I won't have this owl bag haha. I'm happy with my finds, love Dalmation print and I wanted the duck print in a dress but didn't flatter me too much. Wanted the striped jeans for ages but they never had my size. They also now have a pink version but not too sure. I also found my boy a pac a mac. I've been living in mine the last week as the weather is so unpredictable and although they can get hot they're so light and easily packed into a bag if the sun comes out. My boy doesn't have anything even remotely lightweight to have incase of rain so seemed an ideal purchase. He tried it on today and it looks so good. I wouldn't think it was Primark as it had a union jack on the left breast and is a nice navy colour. I thought he'd hate it and I'd be taking it back but it looked so good on him so he's keeping it. I finally got I Heart London but I'm still to read I Heart Vegas so I'm behind. Can't resist a reduced photo frame I have too many already but still always find a space for new ones. I also found an apple charger in the sale so snapped that up. I've had my current apple charger from the very first iPod I owned in 2005. It's worn to death and I don't like the idea of having to keep finding my charger everytime I want to connect my iPhone to my laptop. So I'll keep the USB cable with my laptop and then use this charger for my iPhone. The last shot is the best I got as the flame passed us. They started running which meant I only got two shots of them this close. SO MANY POLICE AND SECURITY! 
I went to see the Amazing Spiderman this afternoon with my boyfriend. I loved it and think the role really suited Andrew Garfield. He has one fine body beneath that suit and I love his acting. We watched the Dark Knight last night ready for the Dark Knight Rises in a fortnight. I'd never seen it before and was completely blown away by Heath Ledger's acting of the Joker. Insanely good. Honestly wouldn't have been able to wait this long if I'd watched it years ago when it was released as I'm itching to see the Dark Knight Rises now. Got a girlie night next weekend to see Magic Mike which I am far far too excited for and I'm dying for the release of Ted. It looks hilarious and I liked Mila in Friends with Benefits so interested to see her in this. 
Hope you've all had good weeks

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