Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary #2

Been a quiet week really. Not done much shopping but been so tired. Had a productive day off and tidied my room and made another shoe shelf in my wardrobe. My wardrobe rail buckled again today, third time this year. Really must get a new one. Its probably the weight of the clothes as each hanger has at least 3 items on, but its only my dresses and blouses hanging :-/ 

Got a day in London next month which I am too excited for. Not too sure what I'll get up to but looks like Madame Tussauds, London Eye and shopping :) 

New make up drawers as going to use my cupcake ones for stationery. Its got so cold lately my panda hats and cat hat are saving me. Its amazing how much warmer you feel with a hat on. Mum bought me a cream blouse (I own every colour of these!) even though she moans "another one!" when I bring home another, had to get the navy one too. Opposite colours of tops I own, love the red jumper, so cute! Herbal essences conditioners. More statement studs <3. Making cards for my friend and Mum wanted some invitations made. New make up :) First subway ever! (Now had my second also). Went for chicken salad, nom. First ever Harvester on date night :) so full felt so sick on the way home haha.

Hope you've all had good weeks. Cannot believe its the end of January already! It usually drags like mad! Got a week off in a fortnight, can't wait! Just used an epilator for the first time ever, quite an experience but definitely going to blog about it. 

Em x

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  1. Lovely finds! I love the hats! Apparently I'm a bit obsessed with anything with ears right now? I've never tried the herbal essence conditioners in tubs - are they any different to the ones that come in the usual squeezy bottles? xxx



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