Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Summary #44

It's been a mad week but full of great times. I went to Norwich to see Netsky on Monday night. It was very close to a full on rave, I forget how crazy students are at gigs! Ayah Marar was Netsky's warm up and she has such an amazing voice, especially live. I've been to so many gigs and so many acts are such a disappointment live. She's probably better known for featuring on tracks but I think she is about to burst onto the scene and be recognised as an artist in her own right.
The next three evenings were spent following a strict to-do list as I couldn't forget anything. Could be the one and only time I've ever done an entire list! On Friday I was up early to train down to London. Had the best day with my Mum at the Christmas market near Embankment followed by shopping in Covent Garden, Chinatown, Leicester Square, 10 minutes in Piccadily Square and more shopping along Regent Street and Oxford Street while seeing the Christmas lights. They're sponsored by Marmite so Marmite themed and pretty cool. I got loads of pictures on my bridge camera which I'm putting in a separate post along with all my shopping. My plan was to upload to Instagram but my phone went to 10% battery at 3pm which I was really annoyed about. I was at a 50th birthday party last night which was a lot of fun. I was quite drunk on a drink and a half (!), lost my voice I shouted so much over music and laddered the back of my favourite tights sitting on some rough wood, luckily they were skin tone so I don't think anyone noticed except me!
It's my boyfriend's birthday next week which I really need to get in order for, I've hidden all his presents in my Mum's room and for Christmas too, so I need to decide what's for when and getting wrapping. I'm taking him out Friday, then Sunday which is his birthday his brother is coming down with his family. I can't believe it's almost here already, this year has flown by. I actually only have three pictures for this post as I haven't done any shopping except in London which I'm doing during the week as I need to photograph it all and import it.
My boyfriend made me a hot chocolate with hot milk, cream and marshmallows this morning...amazing! So that's my week, not much to say. I really must crack on with my Christmas shopping though, my family haven't asked for anything so unless they do I need to think of something myself. I'm so fussy and a perfectionist so its not that easy.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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