Saturday, 3 November 2012

Instagram #4 October

Can't believe this is my fourth Instagram blog post! It was a bit rocky in the early days with my iPhone as I struggled like mad to adjust to it after my BlackBerry but I got there in the end. I LOVE Instagram. I check it regularly like I do Facebook and Twitter. Here's my October Instagrams :)
 Models Own sale :) Fave pj shorts 
 Vintage 1990s me to you card. Models Own Wonderland picks 
 Teddy bear bread. Random shop with my boyfriend. 
 Shots at my littlest brother's 18th family meal out! GOLDSCHLAGER!
 Birthday cake by my Mum. Hair station - need more storage! 
 Sleeping in plaits for wavy hair. Cosy winter socks. 
 Cosmo, painting my nails and chill time. Best Shakeaway!
 Blue. Can't resist Boots 3 for 2. 
 Bow for our Christening present. Travelling home makes me sleepy. 
 Red lips. Not sure I like Chelsea boots with skinnies. 
 Buddha. All my favourites. 
 Models Own Utopia and Northern Lights. Pub sunset. 
 Finally saw this! How much longer my boyfriend's leg is!
 Radiator love. Finally watched Breaking Dawn!
 Autumn leaves. Halloween window. 

 Much nicer than I expected. Best lunch. 
 New MAC looks so pretty. Mine & boyfriend's pumpkin. 
 My boyfriend bought me a hot chocolate at the train station <3 cath="cath" kidston="kidston" nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 Autumn. Can't wait! 
 Beautiful. Yay. 
 Christmas window. Yum, can't wait. 
My Instagram name is dolliegirl7, leave me yours so I can follow you :)

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