Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Summary #41

Had a better week with work being an easier and happier place to be. Plus I have this week off, woo! The temperature has really dropped this week and it's just got so cold so quickly. The regular transitions between a warm building to the cold outside has been playing havoc with my skin. I am slathering on my Clinique moisturiser but its just not cutting it. I bought some Pond's Cold Cream so I'm hoping the combination of that, Clinique and E45 will soothe the dryness.
I'm loving the shops filling with winter warmers and Christmas stuff. I always spend so much during the winter months, its definitely my favourite season. Me and the boyfriend went out with friends last night for dinner and cinema to see Skyfall. We chose a pub we've never been to before as it was Fireworks night and our usual was near the park. Somehow the pub thought me boyfriend had ordered rump steak with scampi on the side, the manager wouldn't accept that his staff had got it wrong but when he saw the receipt as 1x scampi and 1x rump steak he soon disappeared. He wasn't really too apologetic but did refund my boyfriend the difference as he'd paid more than what we'd ordered. Even though it was a silly mistake it does really put you off for the future and we didn't really have time with our cinema time slot approaching. Naively we presumed the cinema would be quiet but our showing had sold out 45 minutes before it started so we had to go for a later one and ended up queuing outside the screen for absolutely ages. Plus the security guard was being an absolute arse, rushing about telling people off for trying to queue and tried to stop me returning to my group after the toilet. It wasn't until I told him my belongings were down there that he just glared at me and walked off. It was mad how busy it was and the amount of people was insane. The screen was packed but the film was so so so so so amazing! I've never been a Bond fan, I enjoyed Casino Royale but never saw Quantum of Solace. I really didn't expect to enjoy Skyfall so much. Now I'm eagerly waiting for Breaking Dawn as our cinema just got IMAX so the boyfriend suggested we see it in that! I do want to read the books at some point so I don't have any idea what will happen in Part 2.
 Best! Exclusive to Asda this year if you can't find any. Pudsey & Blush bages :)

 Wilkinsons Tree decoration. Wanted to try this for ages. 
 Treated myself :) 
 Revlon lip butter 080 Strawberry Shortcake, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain 020 Lovesick and Revlon lip butter 090 Sweet Tart. 
 Topshop frilled socks (finally gave in). Building a board game collection, Cluedo was the next I got. 
 Primark mens Union Jack hat. Pink Owl pjs. 
 Can't resist all the Reindeer prints about atm. £5 Primark. 
 Disney Store Little Mermaid tree decoration. 
This is quite heavy, not sure how it'll far on my tree but we'll see. 
Love 80s music. 
Sparklers with my boyfriend. 
I missed seeing a Fireworks display this year but by the time I realised it was yesterday I'd already made plans and couldn't change. There's always next year, so me and the boy compensated with a little sparkler fun in the garden. I've actually bought quite a lot of Christmas stuff but I'm keeping it for a separate Christmas craft blog post I want to do. It's very exciting to think Christmas is getting so close now and I truly love it. I don't really know what I'll be doing with my week off so I might have a lot of shopping next week ;) 
Hope you've all had good weeks

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