Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Summary #45

What another mad week! I want to blog much more when I don't have time to do it as opposed to when I have the time, odd how that works. I went to see the Coca Cola truck this week which was special. Ever since I was a child that truck means Christmas is coming and to see it all lit up for real was quite something. I spent Monday and Tuesday after work wrapping my boyfriend's presents as it took me a while. I bought him several bulky items which needed a lot of paper and his Superman cushion I had to make do with two sheets of paper I lined up and sellotaped together. I hate how little paper you get on rolls now, the roll I'd picked was only 2 metres! Wednesday night he met me from work and we had a cosy evening in bed watching I'm A Celeb. Thursday night I spent all night baking him a cake and colouring huge blocks of icing. I made him a Batman cake so it wasn't the easiest choice but I was so pleased with the end result. On Friday I cooked him a three course meal (we didn't manage dessert...too full!) and then I dropped all his presents at his house for today as I was at work Saturday and going straight out with him and friends to our favourite restaurant in town which is a chinese buffet cooked to order. The food is insanely good. Afterwards just me and my boyfriend headed for a late showing of Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I wasn't expecting much despite good reviews but was blown away. I won't say too much as I don't want to give anything away but its hilarious, heart warming and a delight to watch. Both Bradley and Jennifer are outstanding in their roles and with Jennifer's break through coming from the Hunger Games she's done an excellent job showing how good an actress she is. The second it finished I wanted to go and see it all over again, and the only other film I've seen twice this year is The Amazing Spiderman.
Despite today being my boyfriend's birthday it's been a very typical chilled Sunday affair. We had a random chat at 6am this morning then back to sleep. I got him Lucky Charms for his breakfast as he's been after them all year and then he opened all his presents from me. He was so pleased as I'd gone for a Superman and British theme with Union Jack bedsheets, Superman and London skyline cushions, aftershave, Superman t shirt and lounge bottoms, Superman socks, Superman and Batman coasters...quite a theme. Plus little bits I'd found him. It's made me so much more excited to share Christmas with him and spoil him all over again. He really has shown me how wonderful love can be when you're with the right person.
I haven't shopped too much this week but made a good start on my Christmas presents. I love getting deals and I used a code on my iPhone to get £31 of stuff from The Body Shop for £16 BARGAIN. I'm really struggling for gift ideas this year for friends, all the stuff in the shops looks the same and I've searched markets and independent shops for different things and had no luck. Any ideas please pass my way :)
So excited its December but amazed how quickly this year has flown by. I'm sure someone has their finger on the fast forward button, someone pass me Bernard's Watch ta.
Batman cake! 
Love big cosy jumpers :) £5 in Primark
Owl pjs, I need. 
Welly sock/inserts and more Panda gloves :) 
Christmas diffuser oil
owl scarf
Mum seems to get me some type of lights for my room every year in the run up to Christmas, once I've found these a home I'll post a photo :)
I got this free with More magazine last week, and it looks a really pretty colour. It's called Raspberry Crush and as the picture shows its a true raspberry pink 

Just had a nightmare with Blogger/Google/Picasa telling me I've gone over my storage quota and I have to pay to upload any more photos, otherwise there would be more here. Does anyone have any ways round this? Or an alternative way of using Blogger and photo program? So annoying! 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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