Wednesday, 14 November 2012

10 Days Of Me

The lovely Lacey from Lacey Loves did this post, and it's so cute I just had to do my own.

Ten Secrets 
- I can't help but sing and dance to my iPod
- I can't lie
- My work colleagues nickname for me is "Trouble"...
- I sleep better next to my boyfriend
- I can't part with any of my Sims pc game ever
- I find walking really theraputic
- The film E.T. terrifies me. I still can't watch it/see clips/see photos
- Chewing gum is the only thing that keep me calm & de-stressed
- Only my boyfriend and a few close friends know about my blog
- I'm crazy (in a good way)

Nine Loves 
 my boyfriend                                       friends
 shopping                                       my cats 
my iphone    my ipod
 christmas                                          jewellery 

Eight Fears 
 the dark                                                death 
fire                                             getting old 
 blood                                       unemployed 
 being lost                                      stolen purse 

Seven Wants 
 chanel bag                                   my own house 
 audi                                         husband & children 
 diamond ring                                    long hair 

Six Places 
 London                                            New York 
 Rome                                                  Sydney 
San Fransisco 

Five Foods 
 vegetables/salad                               chinese 
 popcorn                                                 nuts 
ice cream 

Four Books
harry potter                             lauren conrad 
lindsey kelk                                julia donaldson 

Three Films
 batman trilogy                                       disney
the notebook 

Two Songs 
show me love - robin s
we are young - fun 

One Picture 

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