Monday, 12 November 2012

Night Light

This post title is inspired by the Jessie Ware track of the same name. I saw the video for it last night and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. Its beautifully done and so artistic. She looks stunning and it's nice to see she's finally being recognised for the incredible artist she is.

I couldn't wait to wear another Models Own Wonderland polish so my next pick was Southern Lights. Its a lilac toned polish with holographic glitter suspended within. In terms of sparkle power and eye catcher skills this is on par with Juicy Jules.
 without flash 
 with flash, not in focus
 with flash, in focus
These pictures are day five of the polish being on. I didn't bother with a top coat as I don't think its necessary with these polishes. However if you use Models Own colour glitter such as Emerald Green, Magenta Divine etc I would recommend a top coat as they glitter colour tends to rub off and leave little silver particles. The only signs of wear my nails are showing is the growth at the cuticle.

I seriously love Models Own polishes. All I ever do is rave about them but for £5 a bottle they are so good! Plus Boots often have offers on, ASOS do boxsets and the Models Own website also do their own deals so you don't necessarily have to pay £5 for each one, I know I haven't. I've got quite a collection now and I'm thinking of doing a post on them all so I'll get busy preparing it :)

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