Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Summary #15

It's felt like a long week this week, probably because I had Wednesday off work to go to London. Traffic was awful on the way in so we didn't get as much shopping time as I wanted. Plus it was really unpredictable weather, with torrential rain every so often. I went to see Les Miserables...amazing! I didn't know what to expect as I've purposely avoided knowing anything. The story really sucked me in. I love the way musicals make you feel, a similar feeling to live music I think. I got so absorbed and got goosebumps during parts of the singing. Amazed at the children they had too, so talented so young. Still raining so much, never known weather like it! Bought the cutest umbrella from Primark, another dome one with Union Jack hearts on. Will get a photo of it when I'm not being blown and battered with rain. A quiet week spending wise. Only bought a panda ring in Chinatown and a few bits in Primark.
Les Miserables. Inside the theatre. Olympic countdown. ParaOlympic countdown. Golden boy on a rocking horse. New shorts. Dolly shoes x2 and pumps. Going out bag. Panda ring. Engagement rings (I have lost my sapphire one). Kinder egg! Coral bodycon and Barbie tee. Jolie Petite pot. Messy hair station. Tidy hair station. My boys cat on his new xbox. Sleeping poser cat. My first ever Dominoes!!!

Love the Jolie Petite pot, get to upgrade my phone next week and once I know the exact phone I have I'm ordering a decoden case. My boy is still helping me overcome a lot of my food problems and I actually loved Dominoes! The waffles were so good, nom. We went to see Avengers Assemble this afternoon, brilliant film. I haven't really watched the others and I'm not that much of a film person but I really enjoyed it. Wishing tomorrow wasn't Monday and back to work. Got a social week ahead with birthdays, meals out and a leaving meal (one friend is off to London for a serious operation and the other off to America for a month). Very much looking forward to a week off at the end of May, time needs to hurry up!
Hope you've all had good weeks.
Em x

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