Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Summary #11

March has felt like such a long month, much longer than any other month. Had a lot of nights out and fun so could be why it has felt longer because I've had so much going on. This year really is flying by. Monday night went out to for a friend's hen meal. Had such a good laugh, good company and good food is always a winner. Wednesday night was date night with my boy, I had my first ever KFC but I really don't think it agreed me with. I felt so sick in the cinema, my stomach really hurt and at the end I thought I was going to be horrificially sick. The walk to the bus stop was pretty rough as I was trying to decide whether to just be sick or keep on. The fresh air did seem to settle me but my stomach hurt so much for the next day or so. I even skipped breakfast on Thursday which I've never ever done. We saw The Hunger Games, SUCH AN AMAZING FILM! I rarely really enjoy films or get into them. I tend to get bored quickly and stop concentrating and once I stop watching I can't get it back. The film is long but it doesn't feel like you're in there as long as you are. I cannot wait for Catching Fire.
Friday I had a mad day rushing everywhere. I quickly packed a lunch for my boy and then my bus didn't even turn up. I had to go to the clinic for more pills, the joys, I was kept waiting well over an hour and when they called my name another girl stood up, also called Emily. I went to say "I was here first" and she just went into the room. I was fuming until two minutes later she came back out and I got told to go in haha. For the longest wait ever I was only in there for two minutes. I quickly went home and then left again to meet my boy from work. On my way I saw people in the street, and avoided them thinking they'd pester me to donate money/fill in a form and I just always tend to avoid them. However they were ladies giving out free bags of Dreamies, as the owner of two kittens that love their treats I had to go back. The boy wanted some for his cat and we went shopping. On passing the Dreamies ladies again three women asked if we had a cat and we said yes and they gave us about twelve bags and then the Dreamies ladies gave us more. It was ridiculous how many we ended up with as the three women started shouting down the street "if you don't have a cat give them to the girl in the purple top" haha so I got even more. I then went to meet my Mum and help her spend more money on food we didn't really need help her with a little food shop. Saturday night was the wedding reception and I curled my hair with my conical wand. Managed to burn my finger on it, just a heads up, never risk not wearing your glove. Before smoking was banned in clubs I always used to end up being burnt with a cigarette somehow, and its a similar pain. It feels like the heat is slowly burning through every layer of skin. I didn't even have it on the highest heat either. I had to endure the boy being tipsy at the bus stop and feeling the cold as I didn't have time to put my tights on. I had to put them on on the bus which was difficult and I had to leave pulling them right up until I could duck into a closed down pubs doorway. Had a brilliant night, lots of alcohol, laughter and memories. Didn't sleep very well last night and woke early to such a pretty day. Still felt drunk this morning somehow and the boy had a hyper girlfriend on his hands. Watched episode three of Star Wars today and afterwards persuaded the boy a nap was necessary. He didn't think he would fall asleep, but was off within minutes, got two hours in the end! Laughed so much today over various things but the wii is always a source of laughter. Just found a London 2012 wii game that I have to own! I go through phases of gaming and trying to decide whether to upgrade my DS even though I haven't played it for years, decisions. So glad payday is here, its been a very expensive month.
 Pre hen meal cocktails. I was adventurous and chose something different in Frankie & Bennys, so good! Cookies & cream explosion. The most addictive bag of chocolate. First ever KFC. Dreamies haul. M&S prawn salad. Sunset. Lilac jeans <3.
How good was I?! Only one piece of new clothing!!!
Hope you've all had good weeks, and got the month off to a good start.
Love Em x

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