Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New: Models Own Beetlejuice

I first tried Indian Ocean. Its such a pretty blue with pink undertones. Its very sheer and even with three coats isn't as solid as I like. Next time I'm going to try white, blue or green underneath to see if it makes the polish stand out more. 
 I then gave Tropical Sun a whirl. I only used it as I got home late and didn't have time to do anything exciting and I couldn't go to work the next day with naked nails! I actually like this on my nails a lot more than I thought. The bottle doesn't really show how beautiful this colour is. I've loved wearing such a girlie colour again after such a long winter of dark/glitter and crackle nails. Its the prettiest pink with orange tones and I may even like this more than Indian Ocean, which I never even thought would be possible.
My local Boots haven't had much exciting on their Models Own stand for a while so imagine my surprise and delight to see they now stock several of the new collections and all of the nail art pen colours. Plus 3 for 2 I just had to spend.
l-r pink nail art pen, purple haze, hed kandi ibiza 

There's been a lot of hype on Twitter about the Hed Kandi colours so I'm going back to look. I just quickly picked these.
What do you think of the new Models Own releases?
Em x


  1. Even though they are sheer they are so pretty on you. I haven't ordered these yet but I did get a few from their first Beetlejuice launch.

    1. I loved the previous beetlejuice, particularly purple blue. Indian Ocean is quite similar to Aqua Violet, just lighter and pink rather than purple, but I adore Tropical Sun :)


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