Thursday, 12 April 2012

Models Own Soda Pop Pink

I knew this was pretty colour in the bottle but on my nails, its the most perfect pink. Its in between being too bright and too pale, a gorgeous bubblegum pink. I love the colour so much I left them bare. I can't wait to try out Peaches & Cream which is from the same collection. As always I'm loving Models Own and can't believe its only £5 a bottle!
I need to would like to pop into Boots tomorrow and continue to make the most of their 3 for 2 offer. I really want two more of the Models Own Hed Kandi collection (Balearic Cool and Disco Heaven) and a Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner. I'm finally taking the plunge and entering the world of "eyebrows" I've avoided it, mainly as I felt I'd make a wally of myself and my friends said my eyebrows are fine as they are, but when I want something it rarely goes away, and I want defined, or at least more, brows. My only problem is my eyebrows are almost black and most products are for brown brows. I've looked at the Rimmel eyebrow pencil before but they only had brown shades, but I've found through reviews online they do a brown/black shade so I'll be on the hunt for that. So excited for tomorrow, no alarm, meeting my boy for lunch and chinese buffet for tea. Haven't eaten very healthily this week so if the rain stays away I'm lusting for a salad from M&S, they are heaven. 
Em x

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