Monday, 9 April 2012

Sunday Summary #12

Quite a quiet start to the month. My hayfever has reared its ugly head and it hasn't been pretty. Planning a blog post on all the medication I take to make life easier and a product which amazes me in how effective it is. Rediscovered the Nintendo Wii with my boy and had so much fun. At points we were crying with laughter. Our favourite games have been Mario Kart and Carnival Games. Got my eye on the Mario Olympics 2012 and still want a Wii Fit. Our Wii was living in the cupboard until my brother set it up for me in January and can't believe we ever put it away! Loving the fact I've got today off, love a bank holiday. Had a chilled out Easter, the boy came over yesterday evening and I'd been busy tidying my room and making cakes so left my posting until today. Got my boy on my right playing Mario Kart and my boy kitten Ronnie on my left looking adorable.
Stone baked pizza with my boy for lunch, seriously good. Easter baskets I made. Baileys. My Easter cake. Decorating my buns. Ronnie asleep next to me. I made chicken supreme for tea thursday. Collecting the Cake Decorating magazines. Wilkinsons lilac baskets. Pretty Primark plimsoles. Primark tops. Olympic knickers! Cute character tees. Asda tops. Another blouse, lilac theme this week much?! Taking the plunge with bodycon dresses. 3 for 2 at Boots picks. Owl necklace. The boy's Easter presents from me. The book I'm reading. Bramble from my boy.
Been trying for ages to get back into reading and just finished Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number, such a great read! I've read all of hers but by far I like her stand alone books than the Shopaholic series. All of her books make me giggle and her recent ones have been brilliant. I've also read most of her books under her real name Madeleine Wickham, I would highly recommend her. I love Anna Godberson and Bright Young Things is set in the 1920s. Only a few chapters in but really like it so far. Whenever I'm struggling to read I always go for a teen book, I'm hoping to get into the Twilight saga soon as I gave up when I last started reading it. My friend assures me I stopped just before it got exciting. As you can see I've resumed acquiring clothes. I've loved bodycon dresses for a while but they seem to go two ways: really right or really wrong. I'll save these for the summer because I can't wear black tights with them. I got a size bigger too just for some slight more fabric haha. Saturday I could have kissed my Blackberry. I was just settling in for a dvd night, got out the bath and taken my make up and had a choice of three ultimate girl dvds: Dirty Dancing, Grease & Spiceworld, but got an urgent call to collect my littlest brother. My Mum's medication has just been doubled and I'm not on her insurance so we had to walk. Had to leave in half my pjs and then desperate for a quicker route in a confusing estate I used my Blackberry maps, saved us so much time and worked like a dream. Not had very much chocolate so far (!) but about to have lunch so that could change.
Hope you all enjoyed Easter and spent it with loved ones.
Em x

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