Friday, 20 April 2012

Frame That Face

Eyebrow products have stormed the market of late and it seems every man and his dog has been "doing their brows/framing their face".
This was always a beauty area I really wanted to do/get but when I played around always felt silly, like a little girl who had raided her Mum's make up and got it terribly wrong. My natural hair colour is extremely dark, almost black but since I started dyeing it red over a year ago its completely changed to a more reddy/gingery colour. My eyebrows however have stayed the same very dark colour. When I looked at products available they all seemed to be brown or fair, and I knew a brown product would look ridiculous with my black eyebrows showing through. My friends told me I didn't need to do my eyebrows as they were fine, but when I want to do something I just can't ignore it.
I started researching more last week and somehow came across a review which said the Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil did come in a Black/Brown shade but was pretty hard to find. I searched Boots online and they didn't stock it, but Superdrug had it on their website. During my mass 3 for 2 purchasing last Friday Boots didn't have the pencil colour but a quick stop in Superdrug and I found it.
Now for £2.99 this is an amazing product, the pencil is really soft and if you go wrong it's easily smudged away, and it stays all day. For now I've found the perfect product for me and I'm loving the results. To the point regular mirror self checking out is happening, ha!
 my before brows 
 without flash/with flash 
my after brows 
I am still scared to do my brows really bold so only lightly dash across my brows and focus more on the inside parts. Although it doesn't make an outstanding difference it makes them look more solid as because my brows are so dark against my skin they have gaps. I'd probably like to grow my brows thicker from the middle outwards but I plucked them so much as a teen they never grow now! I've read about growth serums and products so that may be my next adventure!
I love experimenting (if too scared at first) and I guess the whole make up thing is experimental.
What do you use on your eyebrows?
Em x

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  1. My brow's are so naturally thick I've always been a bit wary about using anything & making them look awful. I might try this Rimmel pencil out though, always a few annoying gap's where they haven't grown yet! x


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