Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Summary #13

Loved having a four day week but haven't really felt the benefit of an extra day off. However spending the Monday with my boyfriend was brilliant, more bank holidays please! My hayfever has been really difficult again this week, the boyfriend made me dig my reliever out at midnight on Sunday only to discover it didn't work. Much investigation pursued and it was just the batteries, would not have been impressed to fork out another £40. Also been dying of frustration as I always get bitten and have acquired quite a few massive ones this week. Several of them have been on my hips and back where my trousers sit so the constant rub has made them so much more itchier, the ones on my legs have scabbed really bad but I have no recollection of scratching them so bad as I try to avoid it. The first few bites that appeared were small ones but the ones that came up on Friday were the size of pennies, I made a trip to Boots to stock up on odd bits and make the most of the 3 for 2. I bought a bottle of Calamine lotion in desperation to soothe the itching. Its worked like a dream and I had my boyfriend applying numerous amounts last night for me :)
Had a right giggle last night as we got woken up about 1am because a kebab order turned up at his house, but we hadn't ordered it. His dad had a right battle with the girl to go away. Once she'd gone couldn't stop laughing, watching my boy hop around the room squinting against the light trying to get some clothes on and work out what was going on was hilarious. Had such a lazy Sunday, he brought me breakfast in bed and then we snuggled in watching tv. Wishing tomorrow wasn't Monday, so much.
Amazingly I haven't bought very much this week. I haven't pictured all of the make-up I got in the Boots 3 for 2 mainly because its the usual necessaries; eyeliner, powder, nail polish. I found a Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Superdrug and am loving it, so will blog about it separately.
M&S biscuit tin! Primark moustache top & hoodie. Boots bits. George apple top and purple skinny jeans. Space raiders!!! My breakfast from my boy <3 Angry sky. Torrential rain. Rainbow. Chip shop chips. Another stone baked pizza. Ronnie asleep. Calamine lotion.
So excited to try the TRESemme products, I like that they've become mainstream as they only used to be available in salons. I've been after some purple skinny jeans for absolutely ages, so was so excited to get these. I always get the next size up in jeans, as I find them quite uncomfortable. So looking forward to the summer and dresses, skirts and shorts. I really don't know where this year is going, its mid April already!!
Hope you've had a good week too.
Em x

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