Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunday Summary #10

Feel terrible this is late but had such a packed weekend and totally underestimated how much, or little rather, time I would have on Sunday. Had a brilliant week as I only worked four days at work, had a memorable weekend and the sun was out. 
Good food this week as my boy cooked for me Tuesday night and we got a Chinese takeaway Thursday night. My diet was so bad last week, we had McDonalds two lunches running for the Monopoly and I just ate bad generally, I find it impossible to eat healthily while busy and really want to work on it. 
My boy cooking for me. Our chicken tonight. Nero. Nero again. Me with JLS on my cheek. Sky bar. Sky lounge. The O2 arena. One of our Monopoly meals. Had to sleep in my Sky Backstage band as I was too tired to get it off. Union Jack rucksack. Sunglasses and London themed earrings. White blouse. JLS tour book. Easter nest making. 
Of the whole week Saturday was my favourite day, had lunch and shopping with my boy and then left him to head to London for JLS. We drove as most of the trains were bus replacements, got given a travelcard by people leaving so saved myself some money. I love the O2 its so impressive and I love the venue. If you ever go to the O2 Arena and can get Sky Backstage I REALLY recommend it. So much more relaxed and chilled out and they offer so many cool free services. I got JLS painted on my cheek and glittered in the Dressing Room. JLS always put on such a show, I'm still amazed at what they did. I really hope they bring it on DVD as I'd love to see it again. Nero were also amazing, nothing like a dubstep gig. I thought their stage set up was amazing, meant everyone could see them. I woke up late on Sunday then realised it wasn't that late really. Went to my auntie's for a family afternoon and the boy came over early to help me make Easter nests to take. Hardly bought anything but been such an expensive month. Being a social butterfly soon adds up. Couldn't resist the Union Jack rucksack, no idea when I'll use it but always think one would be handy. The sudden appearance of the sunshine justifies new sunglasses. I'll be blogging about Models Own's Indian Ocean this week too as I'm using it tonight.
Hope you've all had good weeks. 
Em x 

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