Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So 2012 is here. Time has whizzed past and can't believe Christmas and New Year has been and gone. Didn't do much, usually go to a party but wanted to stay in this year with my Mum. Plus had to collect my youngest brother from his party, but he got a lift back in the end. Was the first time I saw the fireworks in London though, they looked amazing! May look into being there next year :) 

I treated myself in recent weeks :)
Of course I couldn't resist getting one! A huge Soap & Glory gift set for £25 instead of £60 with approximately £68 worth of goodies?! Yes please. Made even better by using my Boots points. However I soon begrudged this purchase being my first as I was in town on my own, doing my last bit of Christmas shopping. Trying to carry this, a cage umbrella, a roll wrap in no bag (I said no to one, thinking it was easier to carry it) and three shopper bags of stuff. Trying to pay for stuff while holding everything was a nightmare, I even dropped something I was getting money out to buy and a little lady picked it up for me saying "dear you look like you can barely carry what you have let alone pick this up" haha. 
back: abombinaball bath bomb, cinders bath bomb, snow fairy shower gel, celebrate lip tint, miranda soap, snowcake soap, phoenix rising bath bomb
middle: candy cane soap, lil lush pud bath bomb, candy mountain bubble bar, gingerbread house bubble bar, satsumo santa bath bomb
front: the melting snowman bath melt
I ordered Lush online and added some goodies to the basket for me, obviously. I was very restrained as you can see. However in my attempt not to spend much I only ordered a Celebrate lip tint. My Snow Fairy lip tint from when they last released them is still going and much loved but I forgot to get another. Luckily my friend Amy saved the day as she'd got me one for Christmas, which actually made me scream on Christmas morning.
I've wanted a pristine set of Harry Potter books for a while but it wasn't high on my list. I soon discovered there was several boxsets available and decided on this one with the new design covers as all my copies are the original ones, slightly well loved and my deathly hallows is in hardback. I'm now hoping to pick up the page to screen book //link// 
 Mum got me these lights for my room. I love bird stuff and last Christmas Eve she put diamond lights on my bed, on my twitter pictures if you look back. 
 Just the dove lights on
 dove and diamond lights on
so pretty!
Hope you all had a great New Year and started 2012 on a good note
Em x


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I hope 2012 is off to a magical start! Loving your pretty!

    Liesl :)

  2. @Liesl I know! The flowers are also lights too, but are just white, whereas the diamonds and birds change colour :)


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