Saturday, 14 January 2012

No Light No Light

Had so many compliments on my nails and love sharing what I do on them. Definitely nice to break away from darks for a bit. Dying to get some Beetlejuice on again though. 
 barry m: 307 pale yellow, 304 mint green, 279 bright pink, 308 berry ice cream, 306 blueberry ice cream
models own: juicy jules
 The yellow and green are sheer colours so take a few coats. The purple takes a few too but the blue and pink were fine after one but I did two coats anyway. 

Topped with Juicy Jules they glitter like crazy. The photos don't do justice but if you've seen Juicy Jules in person you'll know the exact power of the glitter :) 
Florence and the machine no light no light inspired me for this blog title. 

Em x 

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