Friday, 13 January 2012

Lego House

Been awol again, just not had the time to even consider blogging let alone do it. Really thought everything would calm down in the new year as we adjusted to a new routine and structure in life but just been so busy. 
Went to see the girl with the dragon tattoo at the cinema. Amazing. I'd seen endless raves about Rooney Mara and can totally see why. Very rare for me to really enjoy a film so was quite surprised I did as it isn't my usual cup of tea. But then I don't watch many films so I couldn't even say what my sort of film is! 

Its made me quite curious to read the books. If it really is two years until the next film I so want to know what happens. I'm still to read the Twilight saga so if I can do them I'll try the Millennium trilogy. Actually missed seeing Breaking Dawn at the cinema as my Cineworld stopped screening it Boxing Day and I'd planned to go a few days later. Hopefully it won't be long until the dvd release. 

I haven't bought any make-up recently, sad times. Bought plenty of clothes and my wardrobe rail buckled again. Definitely need to buy a new one as mine is so pulled down with the weight I'm hoping a new one will be stronger. But I have finally got a second wardrobe so when I decide what goes where I'm hoping to charity some old clothes. 

Really hoping my friend Mike will decorate his room this year. I love nothing more than doing a room from scratch and would love for him to do it. I'm very tempted to re-decorate my room but I love the colour scheme too much so probably going to do some stencils instead. 

Made a start on my Easter presents already. I was shopping in Tescos and spotted these
I've never seen them before but they were too cute to miss. 
 I've lied. I did buy make-up this month! I forgot I got this one lunch time, Mike tried to stop me as I asked him not to let me. But I did need mascara and the eyeshadow quad came free. What would you do?
 models own jade stone and barry m gold crackle 
Blog post title inspired by the Ed Sheeran track but the P Money remix.

Hope you're all well. Off for Chinese tomorrow night. 
Life is good :) 
Em x 

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