Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary #1

Really hoping to post every Sunday with a round up of my purchases, travels and food of the past week. I have an obsession with numbers so keeping them numbered too. 

Just some bits I've bought this week. Finally got the Cath Kidston stars bag I've lusted after since last summer. Primark haul, in two minds about the shoes, I love the hot pink colour but they look ridiculously high on even though they're easy to walk in because of the platform. Also finally found a pair of leather look leggings, been after some for so long! These hoodies are from Asda and dupes for American Apparel and at £8 an absolute bargain. Only paid £2.50 for the Boots Carousel set. I love all the union jack stuff appearing in shops for the Olympics and couldn't resist these,  I think these are amazing.

Hope you've all had good weeks
Em x

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