Monday, 2 January 2012

An Accessorize Girl

I didn't go into the sales after Christmas can you believe. I love nothing more than shopping and nothing more than reduced items but I wanted my time off work spent at home with my family. I knew if my Mum went in though I would do so I kept reasoning with her we'd only spend money, on items we didn't want or need simply because they were reduced. Plus I bought so much in the weeks before it was unlikely I would find much. I did a quick run around in town on Thursday as I did a half day at work and then was getting flowers and balloons for my Mum's birthday but didn't really find anything clothes wise. I tried! 

On Christmas Eve however I did put an order through for Accessorize. I finally have Facebook, a big moment, as I have resisted for so many years. My friend Mike set it up much to my friends and brothers delight haha, so while I was adding people I was seeing where had their sales on. 

Before I knew it I had a £45 basket on the Accessorize website. My order arrived Friday while I was out so it was something nice to arrive home to. 
 Heart print tights £5, wish upon a star charm £2, butterfly purse £7.50
Monumental moment getting a new purse! I am super fussy about them, I see so many nice ones but I need lots of card slots, a zipped coin section, and insides for notes, receipts, vouchers and a mini notebook which has lists of make up and nail polishes. I knew if I didn't like this purse I could return it to store but I have fallen in love with it, the inside is just what I need/like and its got butterflies on it. 
 925 love ring £10, shooting star ring £2.50, union jack heart enamel ring £6, pink delilah ring £2, freddie frog ring £4, poison arrow double finger ring £8
I love my rings so its never a surprise when I buy a lot in one go.  Not all of them were in the sale but I thought I might as well order as I see because I only have two tiny Accessorize stores in my town and they never seem to get what I see on the website in store. 
 owl ring £6.49, london bag £5.40, panda gloves £3.60
These items were bought in one of my local stores. I love shopper bags as they come in so handy and I loved this London themed one. I've been after the owl ring for absolutely ages but at £12.99 I've never been able to do it. I'd queued to pay for ages and just as there was only one person in front of me I realised I hadn't looked in the ring tray, so risked it and it was worth it! It was the last one and my size, happy days. The panda gloves weren't in the sale but were reduced as faulty because their buttons are missing. Usually £12 it seems a crazy markdown when I can buy two buttons for less than 50p and sew them on in a few minutes! 
 These are all George at Asda. The first and third top were full price items but at £10 and £8 not a problem. Should have got smaller sizes as all of these are too big so will need to exchange but was so excited to find a monochrome scalloped top! Can't resist polka dots or butterflies. 
 no7 62 night silver and models own juicy jules
These are my nails for over New Year. Love them :) still as obsessed as ever with juicy jules! 
out of focus, but see the sparkle!
Hope you have found bargains in the sales! 
Em x 

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