Friday, 18 November 2011

Take Care

Post title inspired by Drake's second album. I am completely in awe. He is so talented and his voice is out of this world. I love the way all the songs link seamlessly into each other. Have to admit I'm not Rihanna's biggest fan but love her "We Found Love" track. Again the same with Nicki Minaj however I love the "Make Me Proud" track on Take Care. Haven't listened to anything else all week and don't plan to change that :)

Onto my next Models Own Beetlejuice polish Purple Blue.

 It's multi-dimensional with pink, blue and purple appearing. I am convinced it has a finer Disco Mix glitter in it, looks like it to me. Even though I have one more Beetlejuice to wear I think this is my favourite. I saw something about Models Own releasing another collection at the end of this month. I will leave my Mum the details this time!
This week has been about raising money for Children In Need. I love our charity bake sales at work. Had coca cola chocolate cupcakes yesterday although I couldn't taste the cola! I was planning to post a picture with my ears on but have gone sans make up and top knot today. Didn't get my tattoo today after all. Had the most awful headache Wednesday which was still epping away Thursday and as it'll be my first didn't want to push myself (imagine I faint or something haha). 
Hope you've all had a good week, can't believe we are closing in on December. This year has flashed by. Going out tomorrow after work for a meal and drinks. Actually so excited, feel like I really need a good meal, cocktails and social time. As usual was planning on wearing heels but yesterday had a really strong pain in the ball of my foot, almost like I've pulled a muscle beneath it. Hoping it goes away, not noticed it today but been at home so haven't been walking much. 
Love Em x

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