Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Got The Remedy...

Although this post title is inspired by Professor Green's track Remedy, he has been cast aside for Drake. Almost had an absolute diva moment in HMV yesterday when I couldn't see Take Care anywhere, eventually spotted it lurking on the bottom shelf of the cd drop. I used to order all of my cds online but made a decision last spring to buy everything I could in person. I love the feel of shopping physically and with the high street struggling so much I would hate for it to disappear. Just doing my bit to help the economy :)

I think I may be becoming a little obsessed with health supplements. I have been trying to grow my hair for years but never get there or lose patience. My hair is fine and when it starts to get long it gets really dry and brittle on the ends. I had long hair during high school but when I left after Year 11 I got it styled by a hairdresser and it was a much shorter, layered style. I really regret it now as I can't seem to get it back to before. I decided to take a multi vitamin to see if it helped my hair growth. I originally wanted a supplement I read about from Holland & Barrett. However when I couldn't find it in the store and asked the girl she told me it was a weight loss product (looking me up and down disapprovingly). I don't want or need to lose weight so decided to leave it. During the summer I get really tired. I previously put it down to hayfever medicine but they're non drowsy nowadays and last summer I ended up at the doctors it had got so bad. I would feel drained constantly and would struggle to stay awake especially at certain times of the day. He was puzzled and put me through quite a few tests to determine the cause but they all came back negative. I don't eat any red meat or have much protein so my diet was probably lacking iron. I invested in some iron tablets and I would say they have helped. 

Then I read about a tablet for "hair skin and nails" so this morning I got off the bus a stop early and as I wasn't starting work til 9 popped to Wilkinsons. I wanted to see their prices and if they were too much I'd go to Sainsburys. I was also after some zinc and folic acid as I've seen good things about them. Wilkinsons had a 3 for 2 offer and they had all three items I was after! 
I wouldn't say my diet is lacking in the slightest but I think the first two supplements I took made a difference so I don't see why making sure I'm getting my full whack of everything I want in my system could be bad. I also want to keep my immune system as well as possible. I've suffered pretty bad with being ill in the last year due to stress and upset. 
l-r iron, skin, hair & nails, multi-vitamins, zinc, folic acid
I feel a little crazy getting my five pots out and lining all the tablets up! The hair skin and nails tablet is positively huge. I hate swallowing tablets anyway but it has to be the biggest thing I've ever had to swallow, and I've had some big medicine in my time! I'm also washing my hair every other day which must be helping too. My hair feels thicker and looks better for it. It is so hard sometimes to resist the urge to wash it but mostly I appreciate an extra half hour in bed before work. 
made some buns for our cake sale at work for pudsey :) they had jam in the middle, they went down a treat
I'll have to report back in a few months and see if my hair suddenly grows like Rapunzel ;) 
Hope you are all well 
Em x
p.s. is it just me that loves to say 'multi-vitamin' in an american accent? "mul-tie vite-a-min" :) 
p.p.s. i didn't only take 6 buns into work haha, i took several tubs, this tub was on the top so was the photographed one 

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