Friday, 18 November 2011

A MAC Treat

I ordered from MAC last Friday and it only turned up yesterday. Haven't ordered in a while so couldn't remember if they usually take so long?! I haven't bought much MAC this year, just lipsticks and the prep and prime lip, from Debenhams online and in London. I've let the collections pass me by and the ones I did look at never impressed me enough to part with any money. Probably helps that I haven't a MAC stockist for miles. The two closest to me are in counties above and below mine. 

I visited the MAC website to look at the paint pot shades. I've recently fallen in love with my Bare Study paint pot. I rarely wear eyeshadow as it creases quickly and my lashes curl better if I apply my mascara immediately after using my curlers. When I use eyeshadow I curl my lashes before anything else and then mascara last. Plus I'm not getting up at the crack of dawn five days a week to do eyeshadow for work so like something quick for my eyes. I manage to apply Bare Study after all my mascara and liquid liner. 

The Glitter and Ice collection caught my eye and once I started googling swatches of the paint pots I just had to buy one. I settled on Let's Skate but then wanted Morning Frost too. In the end I just bought both as I was looking at Rubensesque but not sure if it's too coppery for me as I don't suit it on my eyes.
The packaging is silver and so bright and eye catching! These paint pots also have a white lid which is different to the usual packaging. I still can't get enough of the sound of paint pots as you open and close the lid haha, the simple things. 
l-r MAC Morning Frost & Let's Skate
They both look so pretty and Let's Skate has a golden shimmer to it but the camera hasn't picked it up. I didn't want to ruin their perfect state by swatching on my hand. I want to feature them on my eyes for you at some point. 
I also had to purchase a lipstick. I absolutely love MAC lipsticks. The vanilla smell, the formula, the packaging, the look and feel on my lips. They keep going up in price and much as I'd love more colours I can't justify it. I'm sticking to buying colours I have to own and haven't found a cheaper alternative to. 
Mac Pervette
I first fell in love with this in Selfridges when I was in London. I was swatching on my hand and stumbled upon this. I queued for ages only to be told they had no stock of it :( so off I went around London in the next few days on the search for one. I didn't get one but it remained on my list to buy as soon as I could. Its a glaze the same as Hue which I'm unsure if I want/need. The bullet has to be one of the prettiest I've ever seen, the magpie in me adores the multi colour shimmers running through it...LOVE. 
love the free samples Mac send too :) 
I also caved and purchased the MUA Heaven and Earth palette. The hype over the Urban Decay Naked palette really made me think I was missing out on something amazing. I don't have an Urban Decay stockist anywhere near me so while I was in London I tracked one down. As soon as I laid eyes on the palette I was so disappointed. The shades were quite ashy and wouldn't suit me. I've seen other girls say the same so don't feel like I'm crazy! I then read a blog post somewhere saying if Naked wasn't for you Heaven and Earth would be. For £4 I decided to give it a go. Superdrug are finally offering free delivery for once so it seemed the perfect excuse. Not too sure when I'll wear it as I've said above I'm not really an eyeshadow girl but maybe that'll all change?! 
MUA Heaven and Earth palette 
I love wearing gold on my eyes especially gold glitter, it really suits my green eyes and dark hair and I get so many compliments. Heaven and Earth looks more gold toned and sparkly than Naked so I'm hoping they look good :)
Love Em x

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  1. Hmmm...I was following you and you showed up in my feed this morning, but then when I went to your page I wasn't following...oh GFC! Anywho, I just added myself back! Loving the neutral, browns of the MUA palette!

    Liesl :)


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