Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Models Own #2

I placed my second Models Own order earlier this month to continue growing my collection. The box my nail polish collection is in currently is full but I have a matching box that is now home to my Models Own collection that's growing pretty quickly. 

 l-r black magic, snow white, top turquoise 
Seeing Dalmatian nails appear everywhere I purchased the Models Own nail art pen in my previous order, posted about here. However I didn't realise I didn't own a white! I was shocked at myself and made a mental note to get one. I then discovered I didn't own a black! Shock horror, two of the most basic colours. I love dark nails and have every shade from navy to deep plum to dark red. Plus black will look good beneath glitter and nail effects. The white has a shimmer to it which is really pretty and better than a block white. I'd seen the top turquoise on blogs a lot and loved the mermaid shade. 

 l-r emerald city, gold finger, disco mix
Just like a magpie I cannot resist anything that sparkles, glitters, shimmers or twinkles. Although glitters take a lot of work to remove I love wearing them and its worth it. Disco mix was my most lusted after Models Own polish so seeing it back in stock meant it was straight into my basket. 

 Models Own small angled brush
I've been looking for a small angled brush for ages and just can't find one on the high street. I wasn't prepared to pay a crazy amount for one as I wear liquid eyeliner but I just wanted this brush in my collection in case. 

These were my nails last week. I used Barry M's Raspberry and 17's Gold Crackle. When I first bought the crackle I actually really disliked it, and upon lending it to a friend almost told her to keep it. I painted my nails with the raspberry and it felt boring...so I jazzed it up with the crackle. I've now fallen in love with the gold crackle. I think the reason I originally disliked it was because it covers a lot of the polish beneath it. You need to wear a bright or a dark colour. 

I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked this month but I've been absolutely crazy busy. It makes me wonder where people who blog several times a week find the time?! When I haven't been at work I've been asleep or off on an adventure. I've had the best time in the last few weeks but feeling really tired now. Got a six day week at work but tomorrow will be day three = halfway. Had a brilliant night out last night but am slightly paying for it today.  My right foot is aching in the arch, probably from my heels and my left calf is really tender. I'm almost positive when I've been drinking I get cramp in the night. In my sleep I must stretch but then I wake in absolute agony. I must pull the muscle because the next day it hurts so much. I can't be entirely sure it is alcohol related but I might start making a note of when I get it. However even if it is alcohol I probably won't stop drinking because of it. 

I'm so excited for Christmas. It's my favourite time of year and although the weathers been all over the show, this week the temperature has dropped very quickly. I've been wearing a panda hat, gloves and scarf to and from work haha. I was in Norwich on saturday for a gig and had an hour before the shops closed so did a quick run around Primark, Topshop and Topman. I found a coat in my local Primark a few weeks ago and wanted it SO much. With coats I always buy a size bigger so I can layer up in winter because I get so cold, sadly the 12 was a bit tight across my bust and the 14 just looked ridiculous on me so I left it. I then saw Zoe with the coat and I just knew I would regret it forever if I didn't own one. Lucky for me Norwich had a 12, and yes it could be looser on the bust but I am in love. It's almost cape like on me but once I layer up I shouldn't feel the cold too much. I had to wear it that night though as I wouldn't dream of taking a paper bag into a standing gig! I only had a light mac on which rolled up small and my new coat kept me warmer than my mac would have when we were waiting in the freezing train station at 11pm. Also found the ultimate post gig snack: capri sun & a yorkie :) 

Hope you're all keeping warm and having a great October! 

Halloween soon :) 

Em x 

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