Tuesday, 25 October 2011

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Blog title inspired by Pro Green's new song. I really love this song even though I can't really relate to it. An ex boyfriend had a rough time with his dad and when he told me it all one day I cried. I remember him holding me asking why I was crying when it had happened to him not me. It just broke my heart to hear what he'd gone through and I don't understand how some parents can cause their child so much hurt. I was really impressed The X Factor had Pro Green and Emeli Sande perform this track on Sunday. I never usually like any of the artists they have sing on the results show but I could barely contain my excitement this week. It was such a big moment. Emeli Sande has been around several years and popped up on numerous albums so I'm happy she's being noticed as a solo artist now. 

I've had the best few days! I worked a six day week which was made all the better by spending Saturday night tucked up in the cosiest country inn (link). I found a good deal on laterooms. Officially my go-to website for hotels and has been for the last year. I really don't know how I found places before the boy told me about the site. 
To say I was excited to go is an understatement! I couldn't wait to get away and relax. We made very good time on our journey and got there earlier than anticipated. The owner Chris couldn't have been friendlier and after showing us our room we hit the bar ;) jack daniels, coke and french fries?! That's the way to my heart! The chips were possibly the best I have ever eaten and that's saying something!! The boy got a little tipsy on a pint as he hasn't drunk for three months. Gave us a good giggle! We missed the start of X Factor but went up to the room in time to catch Misha. Wasn't overly impressed with her version of Purple Rain but still love the girl. Hit the sack just after eleven and had the nicest sleep. Woke to the prettiest day, of an unusual 19 degrees! Long Melford is the longest village in England and full of antique shops and tea rooms. I must be getting old because I really appreciate the countryside. It breaks my heart that one day countryside might not exist. Its so pretty and English! Took an accidental detour through Essex because the sat nav missed the turning and spent the day with friends. 
sunday sunset of a perfect day :)
please excuse the fact this picture was taken on day four when my nails had been through hell at work
I caved and bought the Gossip Girl Nails Inc Blair Collection from ASOS. It does leave a most intriguing effect and almost felt Halloween?! It's quite hard to photograph, but basically you get two polishes. One is teal and the second is a clear polish with iridescent flakes called an "overglaze". In real life the flakes change colour, so one angle they look green, another blue, and midway half blue and half green. 

Highlight of my week at work had to be an interviewee turning up in a suit. It really disappoints me when people don't turn up in smart clothes. Yeah they may be in the most fashionable outfit ever that took ages to put together and cost a lot, but you can't beat smartness for making an impression. I still remember my interview five years ago I was the only person in black trousers and a shirt. I felt an idiot at the time but it made me stand out. Anyway I was so in awe of the interviewee in a suit I said to my late forties male manager "did you see him??! He looked WELL smart!" to which my manager replied "I thought you were going to say he was well fit!". I found it hilarious, it was such a young thing to say! But he has two daughters my age so he is probably used to such comments! 

Although I am tired and feel like I need to sleep for an entire day I am beyond happy. And it isn't just the thorntons chocolates I've just eaten ;) the shops are filling with Christmas goodies and I can't wait to get started on my shopping. I'm planning lots of nights out, parties, nights away and meals with my loved ones. My best friend has been working abroad since March and should be coming home next week. I am bursting to see her, it has been far too long! I've missed her something chronic but I know she's had the best time, plus she went to pay off her overdraft from uni. Can't argue with her trying to get out of the outrageous debt she's in and she worked four jobs!! 

I'll have to blog the little bits I've been picking up on my lunches in the last week or so. So much nice stuff! 

Hope you're all enjoying October and the last few days before the clocks go back and the nights draw in. Hoping we get an extra hours sleep with the time change!

Em x 

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