Thursday, 15 September 2011

Models Own

Now that I pretty much own every Barry M nail paint, I wanted to start on another brands collection. Models Own only arrived in my Boots store earlier this year and I decided that would be my next brand to collect. I would be very surprised if you hadn’t seen or heard but Models Own wanted to hit 50,000 Facebook likes to give their customers a 50% saving on their website.

Pretty exciting right?!

It didn’t take long and I was super excited to get my hands on some goodies at half price! Unfortunately the day the sale went up my life got turned upside down and it was the very last thing I was worrying about. If you follow me on twitter you probably noticed how very quiet I was!

I’d even made a list of the items I wanted as especially for the nail polishes it takes so long to look all through the colours. I managed to place a quick order just before the sale ended. I only had a spare five minutes so stuck to nail polishes. As I expected many of the colours on my list were out of stock but I was surprised at some they still had! Just as I was about to checkout I remembered to order a nail pen too!

I half forgot about my order as I still had a lot going on but when I did remember it made me excited as it was something to look forward to, what girl doesn’t get impatient for online orders especially make up related ones to arrive!?

I LOVE the way the orders come packaged. I was so impressed. I’ve never ordered on Models Own before and was expecting a jiffy bag! It made me think higher end brands should make more of an effort with their orders. Although all that matters is the product is in pristine condition I think presentation is essential. There are certain websites I no longer order from because whatever I order always comes damaged!!!

l-r peacock green, juicy jules, bluebelle

Peacock Green – I love a darker shade on my nails as I love the contrast particularly because I am very fair skinned. This is a two toned shade that is exactly what it says on the tin > a green but with a blue-ness to it, exactly like a peacock feather. The only green I own is a mint green so this will be a nice change for me.

Juicy Jules – I went to lunch with my lovely friend Amy and she tested this on one of my nails in Boots. I then spent the remainder of our shopping trip admiring my Juicy Juled nail and lusting after this!

Bluebelle – This is actually one of my Mum’s nicknames for me! I’ve got a love for glitter especially on my nails and although I own the blue Barry M glitter it’s a different shade of blue. Out of all the glitter I wanted this one and disco mix the most, but disco mix, as I expected had long sold out.

l-r beth's blue, lili's pink, blue med, black nail art pen

Beth’s Blue – I have been after this colour longer than I can even remember! It was featured in Company once and I just had to have it. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I spotted in in a River Island. Like the idiot I am I always forgot to pick it up when I shopped there and before I knew it they’d changed their colours and I’d missed out! I then found one in London, and opened it to find it had no brush?? I was beyond happy to see this still in stock online. It is the prettiest purple blue, a little like parma violets. I can’t wait to wear this!

Lili’s Pink – A shimmery pink. Not sure how I feel about this yet as I usually only wear a solid colour or glitter nails. Its very pretty though so I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

Blue Med – I expected this to be a solid blue or a glittery blue but its actually a pearlescent shade. Again I’m not sure about it because I don’t usually wear this sort of shade. I actually steer clear of pearlescent shades mainly because of the white pearl shade that was so popular in the early Noughties but I now think looks horrid! However this being a blue it shouldn’t be such a traumatic wear for me ;)

Black Nail Art Pen – I’m sure these were bigger when they first launched?! Anyway does what it says on the tin – art. I used to have a silver art pen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch magazine, haha. And I’ve still kept it because I loved it so much when I was little! This is the grown up version, and should stop me using liquid liner to do leopard print nails!

And as if ordering online wasn’t enough I took advantage of the Models Own offer in Boots. Buy any two products and get Lilac Dream free. After much debating I opted for two nail polishes.

l-r gold rush, lilac dream, golden peach 

Gold Rush – I don’t own a gold nail polish mainly because I think they look cheap. I have a silver but never use it. This is shimmery with tiny glitter bits and so pretty! I can imagine this looking amazing during a night out against a dark outfit.

Lilac Dream - Pastel lilac = love! I have this in Barry M but it takes 3 coats so can be a long process. I'm hoping this is more solid. 

Golden Peach – Not sure what drew me to this bottle as there were lots of others I wanted but it was a particularly hot day (out of the ordinary lately) and I must have been feeling summery. The names perfect as it’s a peach with golden shimmer and such a summer shade.

I then went a little nail polish obsessive and bought a Barry M top coat and Barry M Cyan Blue. I ended up being served by the guy who often serves me. He must inwardly groan when he sees me. He probably thinks all of my money goes into Boots tills. It doesn’t but he serves me 80% of the time haha! Probably didn’t help my case buying 5 polishes in one transaction!

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  1. Been wanting to try the nail art pen for forever! You'll have to update on how it is to use :) x


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