Friday, 28 October 2011

No Tricks..Just Treats!!

So I have kind of started my Christmas shopping already. I had said I'd hold off until at least the start of November. Usually by now I'm sorted and I just have the last few bits to get and wrap it all up pretty. I decided this year I would wait until the shops are filled with goodies before I even thought about what I was buying everyone. Plus I reckon with shops finding it difficult there'll be some great offers on. 
This week Boots had a brilliant deal for their advantage card holders: spend £50 and get £12 of points! I save my points throughout the year and then buy make-up in the New Year. Christmas is my favourite time of year so by January & February I'm on a come down. 
I have only bought one Christmas present though: my Dad's! He loves the FCUK aftershaves so the set was perfect, now all I need to do is find some more bits for him. 
frontcover eye popping, fcuk three calls to make, skin art glitter tattoos
My Dad's set was in the 3 for 2 and really it would be rude not to. Plus I needed to spend £50. Took me ages to choose but settled for these two. 
frontcover eye popping 
I love Frontcover sets and this really caught my eye. The cheek powders look really shimmery but if they are they'll make good highlighters. The selection of eye shadows look so pretty!
skin art glitter tattoos
The skin art set I'd never noticed before but the magpie in me was telling me I needed it! No idea when I'll use it but you never know. Plus I'm going through a phase of temporary tattoos in an attempt to discover places I'd want them for real. I had a henna one done on my wrist in Covent Garden when I was in London, but not sure I could have a real one there for various reasons.
 l-r V05 Miracle Concentrate, Rimmel Lasting Finish Disco Ball, Barry M Nail Effects Crackle in Gold Glitter, 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green, Collection 2000 Lasting Colour in Sweet Tart 
Just a few more polishes for my collection! Seen endless raves about the miracle concentrate and has been on my list for ages. I used it for the first time today and kicking myself for not buying it sooner...hello softer, shinier, sleeker red hair! I love the Collection 2000 lipsticks. I originally bought one after seeing it on Kate. They are amazing value for how long they last and how pigmented they are. 
these nougat bars are insanely good, a friend on a diet introduced me to them 

For some reason there seems to be several films I want to see at the cinema: Tintin, The Help, In Time and Demons Never Die. Breaking Dawn is out soon too which I'm excited for! Channel 4 has a drama starting on the 31st October called Top Boy, the adverts sucked me in from the moment I saw them. It's on four nights in a row and I am actually considering staying in all four to see them. I know if I miss one I won't have time to catch up before the next and before I know it I'll have 3 hours worth of tv to watch and no time to watch it!

Halloween is only two days away now, so excited! I bought an inflatable pumpkin this year, not too sure where he'll be sitting though. My youngest brother is the skilled master at pumpkin carving so its left to him every year, I'll post a picture of his creation :) and its the start of November in 3 days...!!! It seems to have warmed up a little in the last week. I had to pop to the post office today so at 3'o'clock finally decided I had to get out of my pjs and go. I threw on some leggings and a t shirt because the mac I was wearing comes down mid thigh, and by the time I got back I was quite hot. 

What are you all doing for Halloween? 

Em x

p.s. beyond excited for the release of Models Own Beetlejuice polishes on Tuesday, I think I may have a slight obsession with nail polish! 

p.p.s. i'm not on a diet and probably never will be, if you're wondering about the nougat bars, if it's sweet i'll like it ;) 

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